Art, Printmaking, Comprehensive Major

(Code 020-021)

University Requirements

Credit Requirements
Minimum total for graduation 1120
Upper division credits (courses numbered 300 and higher)39
Liberal Education Core36
Academic Concentrations
Grade Point Requirements 2
Total2.00 average
Resident2.00 average
Major2.00 average
Minor2.00 average
Certificate2.00 average
University Residency Requirements 3
Minimum total30
Senior year23
Major, Standard, upper division in residence12
Major, Comprehensive, upper division in residence21
Certificate25 percent of credits
Procedures Required for Graduation
Obtain admission to the degree program and/or the College offering it.
Apply for graduation on CampS.

Liberal Education Core

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire measures learning outcomes to ensure that its graduates have achieved a liberal education and prepared themselves to contribute to a complex society. Upon graduation, each undergraduate will have met the four learning goals of our liberal education core and the 11 learning outcomes they comprise. 

Knowledge Goal
Knowledge Outcome 1 (K1): Natural SciencesTwo (2) learning experiences
One experience in laboratory science must be selected from either K1 or K2.
Knowledge Outcome 2 (K2): Social SciencesTwo (2) learning experiences
One experience in laboratory science must be selected from either K1 or K2.
Knowledge Outcome 3 (K3): HumanitiesTwo (2) learning experiences
Knowledge Outcome 4 (K4): Fine ArtsOne (1) learning experience
Skills Goal
Skills Outcome 1 (S1): Written and Oral CommunicationTwo (2) learning experiences
Skills Outcome 2 (S2): MathematicsOne (1) learning experience
Skills Outcome 3 (S3): CreativityOne (1) learning experiences
Responsibility Goal
Responsibility Outcome 1 (R1): Equity, Diversity, and InclusivityTwo (2) learning experiences
Responsibility Outcome 2 (R2): Global PerspectivesOne (1) learning experiences
Responsibility Outcome 3 (R3): Civic and Environmental IssuesOne (1) learning experiences
Integration Goal
Integration Outcome 1 (I1): IntegrationTwo (2) learning experiences
Service-Learning Goal
Service-Learning30 hours

College Degree Requirements

Bachelor of Fine Arts

University Graduation Requirements. All candidates for degrees must fulfill the requirements for credits, curriculum, GPA, and University residency as specified in the section of this catalog titled University Graduation Requirements.

College Graduation Requirements: Grade Point Averages. All candidates for degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences must earn minimum resident and total GPAs of 2.00 in the major, the minor, and the certificate. The resident and total GPAs for the major are computed using all attempted credits applicable to the major including those offered by departments other than the major department. The resident and total GPAs for the minor and certificate are computed similarly.

Major-Minor and Major-Certificate Requirements. A standard major (a minimum of 36 credits) must be supplemented by a minor (a minimum of 24 credits) or by a certificate (12 to 18 credits) to meet graduation requirements for completing a first and second degree program. No minor or certificate is required with a Comprehensive Major (60 or more credits) or with two majors of 36 or more credits each.

Certain degree programs which include Comprehensive Majors may require more than the minimum of 120 credits for graduation.

Acceptable academic program combinations are determined at the college level. A major and a minor or a major and certificate or two majors (if available) may not be elected in the same department or program, except in the approved combinations listed here.

College Credits. Earn at least 90 credits in courses offered by the College of Arts and Sciences.

Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in the College of Arts and Sciences (B.F.A.)

Fulfillment of all University Graduation Requirements (which includes the Liberal Education Core); all College-level degree requirements (major and minor/certificate emphases, GPAs, earning at least 90 credits in Arts and Sciences course work); foreign language competency at the 102 level.  Foreign language competency can be met in one of two ways:  (1) Achieve a score on the foreign language placement test that qualifies the student to enter the 201-level course in a foreign language.  (2) Earn a grade of at least C (not C-) or a mark of S in a 102-level foreign language course (or AIS 112 or AIS 122 / LANG 122 or CSD 103).

Major Requirements

This degree is designed as a specialty for students pursuing graduate studies or planning careers in Printmaking. It provides the most immersive studio experience for graduating with a greater level of artistic development and focus. Students enrolling in the Comprehensive Major: Art, Printmaking Emphasis will need to apply for a B.F.A. Review to remain in this major. The suggested time for this review is in the second year of study.

Seventy-five semester credits, including:
Department Requirements
Foundation Courses: 1
ART 107Foundations: Drawing and Composition3
ART 108Foundations: Color and Composition3
ART 110Foundations: Three-Dimensional Art3
ARTH 109Art of the 20th Century3
Art History Requirement:
ARTH 111Survey: Ancient to Medieval Art3
ARTH 112Survey: Renaissance to 20th Century Art3
Area Requirements
ART 241Life Drawing I3
ART 250Printmaking - Relief-Beginning3
ART 251Printmaking - Intaglio-Beginning3
ART 253Printmaking - Lithography-Beginning3
ART 402Advanced Studio Practice3
Choose Two:6
Printmaking - Relief-Intermediate
Printmaking - Intaglio-Intermediate
Printmaking - Lithography-Intermediate
Area Support Options, Choose Four: 12
Intermediate Drawing
Introduction to Painting
Water-Media I
Beginning Sculpture
Introduction to Photography as an Art Form
Drawing: Conceptual Practices
Figure Drawing
Painting: Space and Process
Water-Media Process
Water-Media Themes
Painting: Conceptual and Aesthetic Strategies
Introduction to Ceramics
Site-Specific Sculpture
Artist Books: Image & Text
Electives in Art (ART) and Art History (ARTH)18
Electives in Art History (ARTH)6
Total Credits75

Additional B.F.A. Requirements

Further details regarding each of the following requirements are provided by the Art & Design Department each semester.

  1. To be accepted to continue in the B.F.A. program, students must pass the B.F.A. Entrance Review. To complete the Review, students must apply with a minimum of 18 Art & Design credits including ART 107, ART 108, ART 110, ARTH 109 plus two courses in studio art. The maximum number of Art credits taken (including current enrollment) prior to the B.F.A. Entrance Review is 30.
  2. B.F.A. Comprehensive Art majors must complete at least one of the following travel experiences:

    A) UWEC-approved International Study program;

    B) at least one of the department’s national field trips;

    C) at least two of the department’s regional field trips.

  3. To complete the B.F.A. program, students must participate in a Senior Exhibition hosted in the University's Foster Gallery.

NOTE: Transfers, Changes of Major, and other exceptions must check with the Department and their faculty advisor to determine their position within the program and what requirements they will need to meet.