Latin American Studies, Minor

Liberal Arts (Code 340-402)

Minimum 24 semester credits including:
Required Courses-15 credits
LAS 150Introduction to Latin American Studies3
LAS 222Introduction to U.S. Latino History and Culture3
SPAN 301Advanced Composition3
SPAN 302Advanced Conversation and Composition3
Select one of the following:3
Latin American Civilization
Latin American Civilization Regional Focus
Electives-at least 9 credits from the following: 1
Indigenous Theory and Methodologies
Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Ancient Art and Architecture of Mexico and Central America
Art of Tawantinsuyo
Latin America Through Independence
Latin America Since Independence
Music and Dance of Latin America
Politics of Latin America
Caribbean Politics
Geography of Latin America
Latin American Literature in Translation
Economic Development of Latin America
Latin American Studies Immersion Experience
Directed Studies
Internship 2
Special Topics
Internship with Language Immersion 2
Mathematics in Latin American Cultures
Cross Cultural Health
Indigenous Religions of the Americas
Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.
Social Class and Inequality
Seminar in Hispanic Linguistics Research
Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Advanced Travel Seminar (when offered as Women in Nicaragua)
Language Immersion Requirement 3

Note: Students who pursue Latin American Studies and Spanish liberal arts program combinations will need to earn at least 48 unique credits between any major-minor or  major-certificate program combinations and 54 unique credits between any major-major program combinations for purposes of meeting graduation requirements for first and second degree programs.