Theatre Arts, Minor - Teaching - EA-A

Early Adolescence/Adolescence Teaching (Code 601-424)

Twenty-four semester credits:
THEA/ES 361Teaching Theatre Arts2
THEA 121Introduction to Technical Theatre3
THEA 125Introduction to Theatre History3
THEA 130Beginning Acting3
THEA 151Costume Shop Practicum1
THEA 152Scenic Shop Practicum1
THEA 153Light/Sound Shop Practicum1
THEA 271Stage Management3
THEA 332Directing3
THEA 335Drama in Education3
Practicum minimum one credit1
Acting-Minor Roles/Chorus
Assistant Stage Manager
Scenic Construction Crew
Light/Sound Board Operator
Costume Crew
Stage/Properties Crew
Makeup Crew
Publicity Crew
Electrics Crew
Special Effects/Sound Facilitator
Total Credits24

This minor is restricted to students in the College of Education and Human Sciences: Education Studies: Option B or C and leads to licensure to teach Theatre in Early Adolescence through Adolescence classrooms.

Additional credits not counted toward credits in the minor.

Required courses, not counted toward credits in minor:
One music course from:2-3
Performing Arts On Stage
Fundamentals of Music
Music Appreciation
Music and Related Arts in PK-8 Education
ENGL 181Making Sense of the Movies3-4
ART 105Introduction to the Visual Arts3
or ART 106 Introduction to the Visual Arts (Studio)
One dance course from:1-3
Dance Appreciation
Modern Dance I
Jazz Dance I