Theatre Arts, Minor - Teaching - MC-EA

Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence Teaching (Code 601-425)

Twenty-four semester credits:
THEA/ES 361Teaching Theatre Arts2
THEA 121Introduction to Technical Theatre3
THEA 125Introduction to Theatre History3
THEA 130Beginning Acting3
THEA 151Costume Shop Practicum1
THEA 152Scenic Shop Practicum1
THEA 153Light/Sound Shop Practicum1
THEA 332Directing3
THEA 335Drama in Education3
Practicum minimum one credit:1
Acting-Minor Roles/Chorus
Assistant Stage Manager
Scenic Construction Crew
Light/Sound Board Operator
Costume Crew
Stage/Properties Crew
Makeup Crew
Publicity Crew
Electrics Crew
Special Effects/Sound Facilitator
THEA 336Theatre for Youth3
or THEA 421 Touring Theatre
Total Credits24

This minor is restricted to students in the College of Education and Human Sciences: Education Studies: Option A and leads to licensure to teach Theatre in Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence classrooms.

Additional courses not counted towards credits in the minor.

Required courses, not counted toward credits in minor:
One music course from:2-3
Performing Arts On Stage
Fundamentals of Music
Music Appreciation
Music and Related Arts in PK-8 Education
ENGL 181Making Sense of the Movies3-4
ART 105Introduction to the Visual Arts3
or ART 106 Introduction to the Visual Arts (Studio)
One dance course from:1-3
Dance Appreciation
Modern Dance I
Jazz Dance I