International Business, Minor

(Code 740-411)

The International Business Minor is designed to enable students to enhance their perspective of the business environment as a global, rather than local, enterprise. Completion of the minor adds value to any major at UW-Eau Claire.

The minor requires foreign language competence at the 201 level. Advanced business courses taken during a study abroad semester will replace the directed study or independent study options listed below.

The minor consists of 24 semester credits, as follows:

SPDP Workshops and Major/Minor Combinations 1, 2
Required Courses:9
FIN 325International Financial Management3
MGMT 345Managing Global Organizations3
MKTG 335International Marketing3
Required Economics Course - Select one of the following:3
International Economics
Economics of Pacific Asia
Economic Development
Economic Development of Latin America
Foreign Language Competency Requirement
Students may choose to either take a 201 or higher level foreign language course as part of their minor electives or test out of a foreign language at the 201 level or higher.
Elective Courses - Select from the following 312
Up to four credits of foreign language at the 201 level or higher 4
International Accounting
Language in Culture and Society
Cross-Cultural Dynamics
Peoples of Africa
Anthropology of Law
Religion and Culture
Women in Cross-Cultural Perspective
Survey: Renaissance to 20th Century Art
International Business Law
Selected Topics in Business
Intercultural Communication
International Communication
International Economics
Economics of Pacific Asia
Economic Development
Economic Development of Latin America
Geography of Western Europe
Geography of Russia and Eastern Europe
Geography of the Middle East and North Africa
Geography of Latin America
Geography International Immersion Experience
World History to 1500
World History Since 1500
The Nazis and Germany, 1914-1945
History of World War II
Origins of Current World Conflicts
Greek Civilization
Roman Civilization
The Age of Reformation
Twentieth Century Europe, 1900 to Present
Modern France
Modern Germany
History of Middle East Since Muhammad
Twentieth Century Russia
World War I and II Military
Comparative Genocide
Imperialism Since 1800
Modern Africa
The Vietnam War
Marco Polo's World, 1250-1350
History of China
History of Japan
Roots of Selected Contemporary World Problems
Latin America Since Independence
The History of Middle Eastern Muslim Women
Supply Chain Management
Introduction to World Politics
Introduction to Comparative Politics
Problems of the Developing Nations
Politics of the Middle East
Politics of Russia
Politics of Eastern Europe
Politics of Asia
Politics of Continental Europe
Culture and Politics
Politics of Latin America
Introduction to the Religions of the World
Modern Christianity
Buddhism: Past and Present
Chinese and Japanese Religions