Leadership Studies, Certificate

(Code 820-601)

The Leadership Studies Certificate program is a special recognition awarded to students who have completed the following requirements:

  1. Leadership Certificate course work. The following 12 credits of course work must be completed with a B- or higher GPA:
    Required Courses:6
    MGMT 200Developing the Leader Within You3
    MGMT 340Organizational Behavior3
    Certificate Electives - Select from the following 16
    Advanced Organizational Behavior
    Topics in Leadership
    Leadership Communication
    Leadership and Personal Development
    Introduction to Tactical Leadership
    Innovative Team Leadership
    Foundations of Tactical Leadership
    Leadership and Management Practices in Health Services
    Managing Global Organizations 2
  2. Leadership Experience. Students must provide evidence of bona fide leadership experience while completing the BBA degree. This is done by submitting a resumé that outlines the student’s leadership positions and experiences, briefly explaining responsibilities and accomplishments in each case, and submitting a letter of recommendation from an organization advisor, board member (non-student), or other supervisor. The letter of recommendation must specifically attest to the leadership requirements of the position held, and give specific examples of the leadership skills demonstrated by the student. Generic, employment-related letters of reference will not be accepted. Students are encouraged to obtain prior verification from the Management and Marketing department chair that their intended leadership experience will fulfill the requirements of the certificate.
  3. Leadership Reflection Paper. Candidates for the Leadership Studies Certificate must submit a paper that reflects on the leadership experience documented by the resumé and letter of recommendation described above. The paper should be five to seven pages in length, double-spaced, and in 12-point font. The suggested outline for the paper is as follows:
    • A description of the leadership experience
    • Self-evaluation of your strengths and weakness as a leader during these experiences
    • Strategies and tactics for improving on your weaknesses and capitalizing on your strengths as a leader
    • Evaluation of how your leadership course work relates to your leadership experiences

The application form for the Leadership Studies Certificate is available in the Management and Marketing department office, SSS 400D. The resumé, letter of recommendation, and reflection paper should be submitted with the completed application form.

The Leadership Studies certificate DOES NOT COUNT as a second plan when combined with the standard Business Administration major. If you choose to complete this certificate you will still need a second major, minor or other certificate in order to satisfy university academic concentration requirements.