Nursing, Accelerated B.S.N. Option, Comprehensive Major

(Code 700-007) – Currently on hold.

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Professional Nursing Program.

Major Requirements

UW-Eau Claire offers, when resources allow, an accelerated B.S.N. degree option for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in another field who wish to earn a second bachelor’s degree in nursing. Admission into this option currently is on hold. In order to be considered for the Accelerated B.S.N. program, students must hold a bachelor’s degree, have been accepted to the university in good standing, have completed required prerequisite courses, have earned a minimum overall GPA of 3.00 in most recent bachelor’s or higher degree and a GPA of 2.50 in required science courses, satisfy the university design for diversity requirement, be certified as a nursing assistant, and be certified in CPR. The Accelerated B.S.N. program includes 60 credits of nursing courses offered over a shortened time frame.

To qualify for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, students must complete at least 120 semester credits with a total GPA of at least 2.50; must meet all university requirements for graduation; and must meet all nursing program requirements for the degree. Students taking a comprehensive major are not required to declare a minor in another area. However, students who are interested in a minor are encouraged to discuss options with their adviser. Students must also seek an adviser in the area of the minor.

Required Prerequisite Courses (or equivalents)
CHEM 103General Chemistry I4
CHEM 150Survey of Biochemistry3
BIOL 214Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIOL 314Human Anatomy and Physiology II4
BIOL 250Microbiology3
PSYC 230Human Development3
MATH 246Elementary Statistics4
S1 course (excluding Writing Requirement courses)3