Nursing, WTCS Associate Degree in Nursing BSN Completion Program (Collaborative Nursing Degree), Comprehensive Major

(Code 700-006)

University Requirements

Credit Requirements
Minimum total for graduation 1120
Upper division credits (courses numbered 300 and higher)39
Liberal Education Core36
Academic Concentrations
Grade Point Requirements 2
Total2.00 average
Resident2.00 average
Major2.00 average
Minor2.00 average
Certificate2.00 average
University Residency Requirements 3
Minimum total30
Senior year23
Major, Standard, upper division in residence12
Major, Comprehensive, upper division in residence21
Certificate25 percent of credits
Procedures Required for Graduation
Obtain admission to the degree program and/or the College offering it.
Apply for graduation on CampS.

Liberal Education Core

The University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire measures learning outcomes to ensure that its graduates have achieved a liberal education and prepared themselves to contribute to a complex society. Upon graduation, each undergraduate will have met the four learning goals of our liberal education core and the 11 learning outcomes they comprise. 

Knowledge Goal
Knowledge Outcome 1 (K1): Natural SciencesTwo (2) learning experiences
One experience in laboratory science must be selected from either K1 or K2.
Knowledge Outcome 2 (K2): Social SciencesTwo (2) learning experiences
One experience in laboratory science must be selected from either K1 or K2.
Knowledge Outcome 3 (K3): HumanitiesTwo (2) learning experiences
Knowledge Outcome 4 (K4): Fine ArtsOne (1) learning experience
Skills Goal
Skills Outcome 1 (S1): Written and Oral CommunicationTwo (2) learning experiences
Skills Outcome 2 (S2): MathematicsOne (1) learning experience
Skills Outcome 3 (S3): CreativityOne (1) learning experiences
Responsibility Goal
Responsibility Outcome 1 (R1): Equity, Diversity, and InclusivityTwo (2) learning experiences
Responsibility Outcome 2 (R2): Global PerspectivesOne (1) learning experiences
Responsibility Outcome 3 (R3): Civic and Environmental IssuesOne (1) learning experiences
Integration Goal
Integration Outcome 1 (I1): IntegrationTwo (2) learning experiences
Service-Learning Goal
Service-Learning30 hours

Admission Requirements

Admission to the Professional Nursing Program.

Major Requirements

WTCS Associate Degree in Nursing/May 1996 or later BSN Completion Program (Collaborative Nursing Degree)

UW-Eau Claire, together with other UW institutions offering nursing programs, has developed a collaborative degree completion program for registered nurses. This collaborative endeavor is possible due to developing technology in the electronic transmission of courses. Students naming UW-Eau Claire as their home institution in the BSN Completion Program receive student services from this university. Liberal education requirements can be taken at any institution where equivalent transfer credit can be obtained. This liberal education must meet the overall UW-Eau Claire liberal education requirements if the degree is to be obtained from UW-Eau Claire. The majority of nursing courses in the program are taught through a variety of distance technology methods. The foundational course (CND 310) and a capstone course (CND 480) with a clinical component are offered in a hybrid on-campus/online format (see nursing courses with CND prefix).

Students in this option are eligible for the benefits of the articulation agreement between UW System and Wisconsin Technical College System (WTCS) non-college associate degree programs in nursing.

To qualify for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree, students must complete at least 120 semester credits with a total GPA of at least 2.50; must meet all university requirements for graduation; and must meet all nursing program requirements for the degree, including satisfactory completion of statistics and biochemistry. Students taking a comprehensive major are not required to declare a minor in another area. However, students who are interested in a minor are encouraged to discuss options with their adviser. Students must also seek an adviser in the area of the minor.

Summary of Nursing Courses/Credits for B.S.N. Completion Program

Sixty semester credits, including:
CND 310Bridge to Professional Nursing 12
CND 407Foundations of Professional Nursing Practice3
CND 441Chronic Care Management3
CND 446Research and Evidence-Based Practice 23
CND 447Leadership & Management3
CND 453Information Management and Healthcare Technology3
CND 454Community Health Nursing3
CND 480Nursing within Systems: Analysis and Application 34
Credit by confirming course for prior nursing education 130
Nursing Electives 46
Total Credits60
Required Non-Nursing Courses:
CHEM 103General Chemistry I 14
CHEM 150Survey of Biochemistry3
BIOL 214Human Anatomy and Physiology I 24
BIOL 250Microbiology 33
BIOL 314Human Anatomy and Physiology II 24
PSYC 230Human Development (PSYC 100 is a prerequisite) 43
MATH 246Elementary Statistics3-4
or PSYC 265 Statistical Methods in Psychology I
S1 course (excluding Writing Requirement courses)3
Liberal Education (LE) Requirements
This table shows how the above courses meet the Liberal Education Requirements
K1 Natural Sciences (two experiences, one with lab)
CHEM 103General Chemistry I 1,33-4
or BIOL 250 Microbiology
CHEM 150Survey of Biochemistry3
K2 Social Sciences (two experiences)
PSYC 100Introduction to Psychology 43
PSYC 230Human Development (PSYC 100 is a prerequisite)3
K3 Humanities (two experiences)
Need two K3 experiences/courses
K4 Fine Arts (one experience)
Need one K4 experience/course
S1 Written and Oral Communication (two experiences)
WRIT 116Blugold Seminar in Critical Reading and Writing (or appropriate Blugold Seminar Critical Reading and Writing course)5
Need 2nd S1 experience/course
S2 Mathematics (one experience)
MATH 246Elementary Statistics4
S3 Creativity (one experience)
CND 480Nursing within Systems: Analysis and Application 54
R1 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity (two experiences including one Design for Diversity course)
PSYC 230
Need 2nd R1 experience/course including Design for Diversity (DD) requirement
R2 Global Perspectives (one experience)
Need one R2 experience/course
R3 Civic and Environmental Issues (one experience)
Need one R3 experience/course
I1 Integration (two experiences)
CND 480 5
Need 2nd I1 experience/course
Service Learning
CND 480 5

R.N./B.S.N./M.S.N. Option

The R.N./B.S.N./M.S.N. option is a program that facilitates the progression of qualified Registered Nurse students, enrolled in the BSN Completion Program (Collaborative Nursing Program), to progress in pursuing the Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) Program at UW-Eau Claire. This option provides the opportunity for the qualified nurse to earn credits toward the M.S.N. while completing the baccalaureate degree in nursing. This is accomplished by enrolling as a senior undergraduate student in selected graduate courses. A grade of B or better must be earned in a graduate course in order to be eligible to register for additional graduate courses. The graduate courses serve as confirming courses for up to nine credits in the undergraduate BSN completion curriculum; a grade of C or better is needed to earn the confirming credits. Permission must be obtained from the Nursing Graduate Programs Director of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences prior to enrollment in this option.

Students approved for this option may enroll in:

Graduate Courses
NRSG 701Nursing Research: Methods (Fall Semester)4
NRSG 715Leadership and Health Policy in Nursing (Spring Semester)3
Cognate (Varies with Role Preparation)2

And receive credit for:

Undergraduate Courses
CND 446Research and Evidence-Based Practice3
CND 447Leadership & Management3
Nursing Elective2

 Requirements for eligibility:

  • Senior status in nursing: 90 semester credits completed, including two courses in upper division nursing and an undergraduate statistics course (grade of C or higher).

  • If a second degree student, prerequisites for nursing, university requirements for a second degree, and two courses in upper division nursing and an undergraduate statistics course (grade of C or higher) must have been completed.

  • Cumulative GPA of 3.00 or higher in course work accepted toward the B.S.N.

  • Recommendation of the Nursing Graduate Programs Director of the College of Nursing and Health Sciences.