Social Work - Master's in Social Work

The University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Social Work offers its Master’s in Social Work (MSW) program on the UW-Eau Claire campus. The UW-Madison School of Social Work has a national reputation for excellence among schools of social work.

The MSW program of study challenges students to acquire social work knowledge, skills, and values, to provide leadership to the profession, and to become dedicated social work practitioners who work to improve social conditions and promote social justice. 

Courses in the Part-Time MSW Program are offered at two sites: the UW-Madison campus and the UW-Eau Claire campus. Students select a site based on their proximity to each campus, personal connections to either community and/or the best alternative for their commute.

The Part-Time MSW Program is designed to allow students who are not able to pursue full-time study to work towards a master's degree on a structured, time-extended basis. Classes are held only on Saturdays and start at 9:00 AM.

Application information is available on the UW-Madison School of Social Work website.