History, Minor - Teaching

Teaching (Code 380-404)

This minor is restricted to students in the College of Education and Human Sciences: Education Studies: Option B or C and leads to licensure to teach History in Early Adolescence through Adolescence classrooms.

Twenty-four semester credits, including:
HIST 124World History to 15003
HIST 125World History Since 15003
HIST 114United States History to 18773
Choose three credits from:3
United States History Since 1877
African American History 1865 to Present
American Indian History
American Women's History
History Methodology:
HIST 288Introduction to Research Methods and the Profession (take before any upper-level history course)3
History electives at 300 and 400 level 19
U.S. History
Select three credits of the following:3
Studies in the History of Race in the U.S.
The Era of the American Revolution
Early Nationalism and Jacksonian Democracy
Sectionalism, Civil War, and Reconstruction
Recent US History (1945-Present)
African American Civil Rights Movement, 1914-Present
Civil Rights and American Memory
American Environmental History
The American West
Studies in American Indian History
Wisconsin Indian History
History of the Family in America
American Women's History to 1870
World War I and II Military
American War in the Post 1945 World
Museums in the United States
The Vietnam War
Introduction to Public History
History of Wisconsin
Seminar in Public History
Non-U.S. History
Select three credits of the following:3
Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations
Greek Civilization
Roman Civilization
Latin America Through Independence
Latin America Since Independence
Gender, Sex, and Science in European History
The Age of Reformation
Studies in the History of European and Mediterranean Worlds
Studies in Comparative, Transnational and Pacific World History
History and Memory in Europe
Twentieth Century Europe, 1900 to Present
Preparatory Study for Central European Travel Seminar
Modern France
Modern Germany
History of Middle East Since Muhammad
Twentieth Century Russia
Comparative Genocide
Imperialism Since 1800
Modern Africa
The Vietnam War
The History of Middle Eastern Muslim Women
Marco Polo's World, 1250-1350
History of China
History of Japan
Public History in Great Britain