General Science, Minor - Teaching

Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence (Code 120-403)

The elementary-middle level science minor prepares students to teach a breadth of science areas in Grades 4K-9. A minimum of 24 semester credits is required to fulfill the science minor.  This minor is an approved minor for individuals seeking licensure to teach in 4K-9 classrooms.

For advising, contact the Department of Education for Equity and Justice.

Required of all MCEA students:
BIOL 105General Biology3-4
or BIOL 151 Biology of Humans
AND one of the following:4-5
General Chemistry I
General Chemistry I Lecture
and General Chemistry I Laboratory
Earth Science
Physical Geology
Physical Science
Total: 7-8 credits (1 biological & 1 physical science lab science)

Remaining 16-17 credits must include the science area not taken from the MCEA required science courses (i.e. physical or earth/space) but is not limited to the courses listed above. MCEA science minor students should complete a course in physical, life, and earth/space sciences. Therefore, remaining credits may be taken from any of the science areas listed below. A variety of science areas is recommended to increase breadth of science knowledge.

Select courses from the following:
BIOL 130Human Sexual Biology3
BIOL 151Biology of Humans4
BIOL 180Environmental Biology and Conservation 13
BIOL 181Environmental Biology and Conservation Lab1
BIOL 195Plants and Society4
BIOL 196Human Nutrition3
BIOL 214Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
BIOL 311General Entomology4
CHEM 100Chemistry: Issues and Answers3
CHEM 103General Chemistry I4-5
or CHEM 105
CHEM 106
General Chemistry I Lecture
and General Chemistry I Laboratory
CHEM 104General Chemistry II4
or CHEM 109 General Chemistry II with Lab
CHEM 115Chemical Principles6
CHEM 121Elementary Chemical Education1
CHEM 127Chemistry and Climate3
CHEM 150Survey of Biochemistry3
CHEM 191Current Topics in Chemistry1-3
CHEM 304Environmental Chemistry3
CHEM 399Independent Study - Juniors1-3
GEOL 102Oceanography3
GEOL 106Earth Science4
GEOL 115Environmental Geology4
GEOL 122The Future of Global Energy3
GEOL 201Geology of Our National Parks and Monuments2
GEOL 301Earth Resources and Sustainability3
GEOL 303Rocky Mountain Field Studies3
GEOL 308Water Resources3
GEOL 312Mineralogy and Petrology I5
GEOG 104The Physical Environment4
GEOG 178Conservation of the Environment 13
GEOG 304Introduction to Geomorphology4
GEOG 340Climatology3
GEOG 361Environmental Hazards3
PHYS 100Physical Science4
PHYS 115Survey of Astronomy3
PHYS 205Physics of Renewable Energy4
PHYS 211General Physics5
PHYS 212General Physics4
PHYS 226Astronomy-Solar System4
PHYS 229Astronomy-Stars and Galaxies4
PHYS 308Science of Musical Sound3
PHYS 315The Mysterious Universe3
Environmental Public Health
ENPH 110Introduction to Environmental Health3
ENPH 150Disease Detectives: Epidemics and Data3
Environmental Studies
ENV 101Sustainability Basics and Beyond4
ENV 140Water Problems, Water Solutions3
ENV 291Special Topics - Environmental Studies1-3

This minor is restricted to students in the College of Education and Human Sciences: Education Studies: Option A, majoring in elementary education and leads to licensure to teach General Science in Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence classrooms.