French, Minor - Teaching - MC-EA

Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence, Teaching (Code 260-405)

A minimum of 24 semester credits beyond FREN 102, or 16 semester credits beyond FREN 202, including:
FREN 315Advanced Grammar in Context3
FREN 325Pronunciation3
FLG 378Second Language Acquisition Theory3
Students may earn their remaining credits from any of the following, but must take a minimum of six credits at the 400 level:
Written and Oral Expression
Professional Communication
Introduction to Literary Analysis
History of French Civilization
Contemporary French Civilization
Survey of French Literature I
Survey of French Literature II
Discussions on Contemporary Societal Issues
Environmental and Linguistic Diversity
Francophone Literature
Special Topics
Directed Studies
Independent Study - Juniors
Independent Study - Seniors
Language Immersion Requirement 1

NOTE 1:  ES 437 required. This minor is restricted to students in the College of Education and Human Sciences: Education Studies: Option A and leads to licensure to teach French in Middle Childhood through Early Adolescence classrooms.

NOTE 2:  For departmental recommendation for student teaching and certification, passing the OPI or OPIc with a score of Intermediate High or above on the ACTFL rating scale is required. Please see your advisor for additional certification requirements.