Mathematics, Minor - Teaching - MC-EA

Middle Childhood/Early Adolescence, Teaching (Code 180-408)

A minimum of 24 semester credits, including:
MATH 114Calculus I4
MATH 201Number and Operations I2
MATH 202Number and Operations II2
MATH 303Probability and Statistical Thinking2
MATH 304Geometric Thinking2
MATH 322Abstract Algebra for Elementary Teachers4
Additional courses may be chosen from the following:
MATH 215Calculus II4
MATH 216Calculus III4
MATH 246Elementary Statistics 14
MATH 297Developmental Tutoring Techniques 21
OR mathematics courses numbered above 305.

This minor is restricted to students in the College of Education and Human Sciences: Department of Education for Equity and Justice: Option A and leads to licensure to teach Mathematics in K-9 classrooms.