Grades 4K-9

Program Option A

This program option offers pedagogical studies in the basic areas of reading, language arts, social studies, science, and mathematics, and in special subjects such as art, music, children’s literature, health, speech and communication, physical education, and special education. The major is designed to provide students with strong preparation in all the subjects taught in elementary and middle schools.

Teacher Education Candidates shall demonstrate content area proficiency through one of the following:

Students will earn a minimum 3.0/4.0 GPA in content courses OR through obtaining a passing score on the appropriate Praxis II/ACTFL exam.

For students who neither meet the minimum GPA requirement nor pass the appropriate Praxis II/ACTFL exam after at least two attempts, a content portfolio can be submitted which parallels the content evaluated on the Praxis II/ACTFL exam. The portfolio may only be submitted once.

Students must also successfully pass the W-FORT to be eligible for a teaching license in Wisconsin.

Option A: K-9

Approved Majors and Minor for Option A

Second Majors1 Code Prescribed Methods Course Additional Requirement ACTFL Content Test Required
French 260-203 ES 437 (Sp) study abroad in language WPT and OPI or OPIc
German 280-204 ES 437 (Sp) study abroad in language WPT and OPI or OPIc
Spanish 320-203 ES 437 (Sp) study abroad in language WPT and OPI or OPIc

NOTE: Grades K-9 regular education majors with a foreign language second major may obtain grades K-12 licensure in the foreign language if they also complete ES 366 and complete one quarter of student teaching in the foreign language at the secondary level. See Option C.

Minors Code Prescribed Methods Course Additional Requirements Praxis II or ACTFL Content Test Required
Coaching 971-403 KINS 492 no addt'l exam