Course Descriptions





















Course Numbering System

The first digit in a course number indicates the level of the course:

1-99 courses that cannot be counted toward minimum degree requirements
100-199 courses primarily for freshmen
200-299 courses primarily for sophomores
300-499 courses open to juniors and seniors
500-6991 junior-senior courses approved for graduate credit
700-7992 courses open only to graduate students
800-899 course open only to Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) students

Cross-listed Courses

Courses are cross-listed when the curriculum is interdisciplinary in nature and the course is offered through multiple departments. That is, two course listings identify the same courses. The listings will have identical numbers—only the course prefix varies.

Some certifications, licensures, and programs may require a specific number of credits from certain curricular disciplines. Therefore, students should review program constraints before enrolling for cross-listed courses.

Course Prefixes

ACCT Accounting
AIS American Indian Studies
ANTH Anthropology
ARTH Art History
BCOM Business Communication
BIOL Biology
BSAD Business Administration
CE Computer Engineering
CHEM Chemistry
CHIN Chineese
CJ Communication/Journalism
CND Collaborative Nursing Degree
CPSC Computational Science
CRMJ Criminal Justice
CS Computer Science
CSD Communication Sciences and Disorders
DNCE Dance
DNP Doctor of Nursing Practice
ECON Economics
ENGL English
ENPH Environmental Public Health
ENV Environmental Studies
ES Education Studies
ESL English as a Second Language
FIN Finance
FLG Foreign Language
FLTR Foreign Language in Translation
FREN French
GEN General Courses
GEOG Geography
GEOL Geology
GERM German
GRK Greek
HASA Health and Aging Services Administration
HCAD Health Care Administration
HIST History
HMNG Hmong
HNRS Honors Coloquium
HUMS Humanities
INTB International Business
IS Information Systems
IDIS Interdisciplinary Studies
INTA International Studies Abroad
INTS International Studies
INTX International Studies Exchange
JAPN Japanese
KINS Kinesiology
LAS Latin American Studies
LAT Latin
LMED Library Science and Media Education
LS Liberal Studies
MATH Mathematics
MBA Master of Business Administration
MGMT Management
MKTG Marketing
MSCI Materials Science
MSL Military Science and Leadership
MUED Music Education
MUSI Music
NRSG Nursing
PHIL Philosophy
PHYS Physics
POLS Political Science
PSYC Psychology
PHP Public Health Professions
PSAS Professional Studies Arts and Sciences
PSB Professional Studies Business
RELS Religous Studies
RUSS Russian
SOC Sociology
SPAN Spanish
SPED Special Education
SW Social Work
THEA Theatre Arts
UEC Unified Early Childhood
WMNS Women's Studies
WRIT Writing

Abbreviations in Course Descriptions

cr(s) semester credit(s)
Arr hours arranged
F, Wi, Sp, Su, V The semester or session when a course is likely to be offered: Fall, Winterim, Spring, Summer, or Varies (inquire in department)
iBT internet based test
GPA grade point average
P prerequisite(s) to the course
PR Progress (Grad Only)
S/U Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory

Special Program and Course Fees Abbreviations

CND BSN Completion Program Fee
CSDMSOL Master of Science, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Online
DNP DNP Program Fee
HCAD HCAD Program Fee

Category Abbreviations

AC Activity
CP Capstone
FYE Freshman Year Experience
HONOR Honors Course
IN Internship
LS Lab Science
NF New Freshman
Liberal Education
LE-DDIV LE-DDIV Design for Diversity
LE-I1 LE-I1 Integration
LE-K1 LE-K1 Natural Sciences
LE-K1L LE-K1L Natural Sciences with Lab
LE-K2 LE-K2 Social Sciences
LE-K2L LE-K2L Social Sciences with Lab
LE-K3 LE-K3 Humanities
LE-K4 LE-K4 Fine Arts
LE-R1 LE-R1 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity
LE-R2 LE-R2 Global Perspectives
LE-R3 LE-R3 Civic and Environmental Issues
LE-S1 LE-S1 Written and Oral Communication
LE-S2 LE-S2 Mathematics
LE-S3 LE-S3 Creativity
SL-Full Service-Learning, full 30 hours
SL-Half Service-Learning, half 15 hours
SL-Optional Service-Learning, Optional, up to 30 hours
SL-Optional/Half Service-Learning Optional, half/up to 15 hours
SL-Variable Service-Learning, variable credit
General Education
CD1 Cultural Diversity, one credit
CD2 Cultural Diversity, two credits
CD3 Cultural Diversity, three credits
CD-Variable Cultural Diversity, variable credit
FC Foreign Culture
GE-IA General Education-Communication/Language Skills
GE-IB General Education-Communication/Analytical Skill
GE-IC General Education-Interdisciplinary Studies
GE-IIA-F General Education - Natural Sciences
GE-IIIA-G General Education - Social Sciences
GE-IVA-E General Education - Humanities
GE-V General Education - Univesity Wide
PA Physical Activity
SL-Full Service-Learning, full 30 hours
SL-Half Service-Learning, half 15 hours
SL-Optional Service-Learning, Optional, up to 30 hours
SL-Optional/Half Service-Learning Optional, half/up to 15 hours
SL-Variable Service-Learning, variable credit
W Wellness

Grading Basis

“All Grades,” which is defined as A-F Grades, Audit Allowed, and S/U Allowed, is the typical Grading Basis for the majority of courses in this catalog, and is not specified explicitly in catalog course descriptions. Exceptions to “All Grades” are specified explicitly in the catalog course descriptions as follows:
Grading Basis Grading Basis Definition
A-F Grades Only A-F Grades Only, Audit Not Allowed, Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Not Allowed
No Audit Audit Not Allowed
No S/U Grade Option Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Not Allowed
S/U Only Grade Basis Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Grades Only