Art, Minor

Liberal Arts (Code 020-402)

Twenty-four semester credits, including:
Foundations Courses, Choose Two: 16
Introduction to the Visual Arts
Foundations: Drawing and Composition
Foundations: Color and Composition
Foundations: Three-Dimensional Art
Entry-Level Courses, Choose Three:9
Drawing: Contemporary Abstraction
Life Drawing I
Introduction to Painting
Water-Media I
Introduction to Prints
Printmaking - Relief-Beginning
Printmaking - Intaglio-Beginning
Printmaking - Serigraphy-Beginning
Printmaking - Lithography-Beginning
Sculpture I
Graphic Design I: Compositional Principles of Graphic Design
Principles of Typography
Graphic Design III: Symbology
3-D Computer Modeling
Introduction to Photography as an Art Form
Computer Graphics
Ceramics I
Intermediate/Advanced Courses, Choose Three:9
Illustration Narratives
Drawing: Conceptual Practices
Life Drawing II
Illustration Editorials
Painting: Space and Process
Water-Media Process
Water-Media Themes
Painting: Conceptual and Aesthetic Strategies
Printmaking - Relief-Intermediate
Printmaking - Intaglio-Intermediate
Printmaking - Serigraphy-Intermediate
Printmaking - Lithography-Intermediate
Ceramics II
Assembled Form
Site-Specific Sculpture
Found Media
Motion Graphics
Visual Communication Design
Digital Design I: Website Development
Graphic Design V: Visual Identity Applications
3-D Computer Animation I
Intermediate Photography: Darkroom
Intermediate Photography: Digital
Video for Art and Design
Artist Books: Image & Text
Advanced Studio Practice
Advanced Three-Dimensional Studio
Advanced Studio - Life Drawing
Advanced Studio - Illustration
Advanced Ceramics
Electronic Media Design II: Multi-Media Interface Concepts
Advanced Graphic Communications
Graphic Design VII: Advanced Portfolio Development
3-D Computer Animation II
Advanced Studio-Photography

NOTE: Art minors are encouraged to take Art History (ARTH) courses to meet the LE-K4 requirement.