Art History, Minor

Liberal Arts (Code 030-401)

Twenty-four semester credits, including:
Required Courses12
ARTH 109Art of the 20th Century3
ARTH 111Survey: Ancient to Medieval Art 13
ARTH 112Survey: Renaissance to 20th Century Art 13
ARTH 389Methodologies of Art History3
Electives in Art History 212

ARTH 111 and ARTH 112 must be completed as the first two Art History courses.


ARTH 399 and ARTH 499 cannot exceed three credits total and can only be taken after the accumulation of 12 earned semester credits of Art History and with the written approval of an Art History faculty member.


1. Students pursuing the Minor: Art History and Major: Art, Studio Emphasis can overlap a maximum of 12 credits between major and minor programs.

2. Art History minors must complete at least one of the following travel experiences:

A) UWEC-approved International Study program;

B) at least one of the department's national field trips;

C) at least one of the department's regional field trips.