European Studies, Minor

Liberal Arts (Code 331-403)

Advisor: P. Turner (History).

The European Studies Minor is designed:

  1. to develop a multidisciplinary understanding of the peoples and cultures of Europe and its neighbors;
  2. to provide a broad program for students interested in international relations; and
  3. to promote the evaluation of European systems, institutions and relationships of power in a historical, political and geographical context.
Twenty-four semester credits distributed as follows:24
Core Requirements
European language competency at the 102 level 1
Completion of approved Europe-based study abroad program 2
And at least one of the following courses:
Geography of Western Europe
Geography of Russia and Eastern Europe
Twentieth Century Europe, 1900 to Present
Politics of Eastern Europe
Politics of Continental Europe
Remainder of 24 credits selected from the following, with at least 9 at the upper-division and no more than 9 credits of the total 24 from any one prefix. Courses marked with an asterisk* may count in either the core or the electives, but not both. 3
Renaissance Art
Baroque and Rococo Art
Perspectives on Pre-1790 British Literature
Representative Shakespeare
Perspectives on British Literature After 1790
Chaucer and His Age
Topics in British Literature Before 1790
Shakespearean Topics
Topics in British Literature After 1790
History of French Civilization
Contemporary French Civilization
Survey of French Literature I
Survey of French Literature II
Geography of Western Europe *
Geography of Russia and Eastern Europe *
Modern Germany: Literature, History, Culture
The Nazis and Germany, 1914-1945
History of World War II
Greek Civilization
Roman Civilization
Gender, Sex, and Science in European History
The Age of Reformation
History and Memory in Europe
Twentieth Century Europe, 1900 to Present *
Preparatory Study for Central European Travel Seminar
Modern France
Modern Germany
Twentieth Century Russia
World War I and II Military
Comparative Genocide
Imperialism Since 1800
Public History in England
Central European Travel Seminar
Ancient Philosophy
Modern European Philosophy I
Modern European Philosophy II
The Holocaust, 1933-1945
Politics of Eastern Europe *
Politics of Continental Europe *
Contemporary Spain
Survey of Spanish Peninsular Literature
Introduction to Theatre History
Theatre History and Literature
Total Credits24

European languages applicable to the minor include French, German, Greek, Latin, Russian and Spanish. Other European languages not offered by UW-Eau Claire may count toward the minor with program advisor approval.  Students may count up to 8 language credits toward the minor.


Consult with program advisor for approved study abroad experiences. 


Courses undertaken as part of a study abroad can also count toward the minor.  Consult with program advisor.