Music, Minor

Liberal Arts (Code 060-401)

Twenty-four semester credits, including:
MUSI 141
MUSI 142
Theory Written I
and Theory Aural I
MUSI 146
MUSI 147
Theory Written II
and Theory Aural II
Minimum of two credits from:2
Music Appreciation
Global Roots of Music in the United States
History of Rock and Pop
Evolution of Jazz
Music and Gender
Music History & Society I
Music in the United States
Social Justice in the Humanities (when taught by a music faculty member)
Global Traditions in Music
Applied Music
Four credits, four semesters from one instrument, excluding MUSI 170/MUSI 3704
Ensembles -- Four semesters, four credits minimum.
Two credits from: 12
Symphony Band
Wind Ensemble
University Orchestra
Jazz Ensemble
Concert Choir
Symphonic Choir
Men's Glee Club (The Statesmen)
Women's Concert Chorale
One credit unconducted ensemble from:1
University Chamber Orchestra
String Ensemble
Brass Ensemble
Woodwind Ensemble
Percussion Ensemble
Jazz Combo
Contemporary Music Ensemble
Chamber Choir
Vocal Jazz Ensemble
Piano Ensemble
One credit elective ensemble from any of the above options.1
Music Electives
A minimum of four credits elected from any course with a MUSI prefix 24

 MUSI 182/382 or MUSI 193/393 may be used by permission.


 MUSI 182/MUSI 382 and MUSI 193/MUSI 393 may be used only with approval, with a maximum of two credits from ensembles elected from MUSI 180/MUSI 380, MUSI 181/MUSI 381, MUSI 184/MUSI 384, MUSI 186/MUSI 386, MUSI 188/MUSI 388, MUSI 190/MUSI 390, MUSI 191/MUSI 391, MUSI 192/MUSI 392, MUSI 253/MUSI 453-MUSI 268/MUSI 468 or MUSI 280/MUSI 480, and maximum of two credits from applied music for a minimum total of 24 credits.

NOTE: The piano proficiency is a requirement and must be passed prior to graduation.