Admission Procedure

The application for admission to a graduate program must be submitted to the Admissions Office with an application fee.  For domestic graduate students, the preferred application deadline is July 1 for fall semester, December 1 for spring semester, and May 1 for summer. For international graduate students, the preferred deadlines are June 1 for fall semester and November 1 for spring semester. However, some degree programs may have earlier dates (see specific program application deadlines).    

The applicant must list all colleges and/or universities previously attended, arrange to have one official transcript sent directly to the Admissions Office from each institution where you obtained a degree (except UW-Eau Claire); and from any institution you have completed course work necessary for admission to your graduate program, or graduate courses you wish to have considered for transfer credit to apply toward your intended degree program at UW-Eau Claire. Current or former UW-Eau Claire students do not need to provide transcripts from UW-Eau Claire however submission of an application constitutes authorization for Admissions to request your UW-Eau Claire transcript from the Registrar. Additional transcripts may be required, particularly for certification and licensure programs, so please request to have these official transcripts sent as well. To be regarded as official, the transcript must be sent directly from the institution to the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire either electronically or via the postal service. All transcripts become a part of your permanent file and cannot be returned.

An application for admission also may be considered during an applicant’s last semester as an undergraduate student.  Admission to graduate study in such cases is conditional, pending satisfactory completion of the baccalaureate requirements and the student’s meeting of all other requirements for admission.

If you would like to be considered for a graduate assistantship, fellowship, or the Advanced Opportunity Program (AOP), the priority application date is March 1 for the following academic year.  The Application for Graduate Assistantship and/or Fellowship can be found on the Academics page under "Paying for graduate school," and should be electronically submitted to the Office of Graduate Studies.

Graduate Application Fee Policy

A non-refundable graduate application fee of $56 shall be assessed by the University for the application for admission. The fee does not apply toward the student’s other tuition and fees. The fee is good for four full semesters (two years).

Graduate applicants may apply to one program at a time. There is no waiver of the application fee. If an applicant is applying for a second graduate degree, (the first from UW-Eau Claire), or if they previously have been admitted and enrolled in a UW-Eau Claire graduate program, they will not be assessed the application fee again. If the first graduate degree is from any other institution, an application fee will be assessed. Students applying to be reclassified will not be assessed an application (processing) fee. Reclassification is an accepted graduate student requesting to change programs. If an applicant is admitted, but does not enroll at any time during the first two years, they will need to reapply, update their application, and pay a new application fee.

If an applicant is denied admission to one program and then wants to be considered for the same or a different program within two years of the receipt of the initial application fee, a new fee is not required.


Admitted: Persons admitted to a degree program are classified according to the degree they wish to pursue and according to the area of specialization elected in the degree program.

Graduate Special Students: Persons wishing to take courses for graduate credit without admission to a particular graduate program may apply to become a graduate special student. For more information, see "Special Student/Other."

Notification of Admission

Upon completion of review of the application materials, the Graduate Dean will notify the applicant in writing of the disposition of the application for admission. A decision regarding admission may be appealed to the Graduate Council, through the Graduate Dean, and the Graduate Dean may also initiate referral of individual cases to the Council. In all cases, the Graduate Dean will notify the applicant in writing of action taken on appeals or referrals.

Admission to a Degree Program

Admission to a degree program is based upon evaluation of the student’s academic record and previous experience by the graduate faculty of the department(s) offering the program. All applicants must have earned a baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited college or university. Upon admission to a degree program, the student is assigned an adviser who is a member of the graduate faculty from the department offering the program. Students must consult their adviser(s) regarding program planning and enrollment in courses.

Admission to particular degree programs may include additional requirements in regard to minimum undergraduate GPA, entrance examinations, or prerequisite courses. See requirements for admission to specific degree programs as described elsewhere in this catalog.

Status of Admission

Full Standing: Applicants whose undergraduate GPA from their baccalaureate degree granting institution is 2.75 (on a 4.0 scale) or higher or whose GPA for the last half of undergraduate work is 3.0 or higher may be admitted with full standing to a particular graduate program upon recommendation of the Program Director, College Dean, and Graduate Dean. Additional requirements may be specified by particular degree programs.

Conditional: Applicants whose undergraduate GPA falls below 2.75, or who are currently completing a baccalaureate degree, or who have not met the prerequisite requirements for admission to a program, may be admitted conditionally upon recommendation of the Program Director, College Dean, and Graduate Dean, when other sufficient evidence of ability to complete graduate work is presented. Additional conditions or requirements for admission also may be specified by particular degree programs.

Graduate Special Student

Persons wishing to take courses for graduate credit without admission to a particular graduate program may apply to become a graduate special student. To be eligible, an applicant must hold a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited institution. A student who fails to meet the minimum GPA requirement for admission also may be permitted to enroll as a graduate special. If application to a particular graduate program is made subsequently, credits earned as a graduate special student will be considered on the basis of appropriateness to the degree program. No more than nine credits earned as a graduate special student may later apply to degree requirements without prior approval of the appropriate Graduate Program Director. Individuals who wish to register as graduate special students in nursing courses should consult with the Nursing Graduate Programs Director in the College of Nursing and Health Sciences to receive permission to enroll. Graduate special students are not eligible for the financial aid programs described elsewhere in this catalog.

Once you have applied and are enrolled as a graduate special, you only need to reapply if you have not enrolled in any courses at UW-Eau Claire for three years.

Students who have previously been academically dismissed from a graduate program are not eligible to return to the University as a Special Student. Instead, they must go through the appeals process specified in their letter of dismissal. 

International Student Admission

All international students whose native language is not English must submit an official Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) score of at least 550 for the paper-based test (or 79 Internet-based) or an International English Language Testing System (IELTS) overall band score of 7.0 for admission.  International graduate students enrolled in on-campus programs are required to provide proof of financial resources as part of the admission process.  Although on-campus employment may be available, an international student should not plan to secure any finances through employment in the United States.

All international students enrolled in on-campus programs are required to purchase the UW System accident and sickness insurance.

Special Auditors

Board of Regents policy makes it possible for students to audit courses at reduced costs as follows: Wisconsin residents may audit classes by paying only 30 percent of the normal per credit academic fee and non-residents may audit by paying 50 percent of the non-resident academic fee. In both cases any special course fees or materials are additional.

Transfer of Credits

Up to nine* credits of transfer graduate coursework may be approved to count toward a graduate degree earned at UW-Eau Claire. This limit of nine* transfer credits includes both courses taken prior to admission and after admission. These credits must be earned from another regionally accredited institution that is offering a comparable graduate degree program. Only courses in which a B (GPA of 3.00) or above is earned and representing course content equivalent to that offered by the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire will be accepted and applied toward graduate degree programs. Transfer course grades are not computed in the resident GPA at UW-Eau Claire. No credit toward a graduate degree will be allowed for correspondence work.

*The BSN to DNP degree program is an exception to the nine credit transfer policy. A maximum of 20 credits of graduate transfer course work may be accepted for the BSN to DNP program.

Transfer of Credits Earned Prior to Admission

All college and university credits, including graduate credits, earned prior to admission must be reported on the application for admission. If you wish to have courses considered for transfer approval, you must submit an official transcript directly from the institution(s) where the credits were earned to the Admissions Office. Graduate credits earned prior to admission, but not reported on the application for admission nor documented, will not be considered for transfer after admission.

Transfer of Credits Earned After Admission

Students who wish to take courses at another institution and transfer the credits to their approved graduate program must obtain permission to do so before enrolling in the courses. Forms for this purpose are available on the Graduate Studies website. Without prior permission, a student has no assurance that courses taken at another institution will be acceptable as part of the graduate program. The other institution at which the student wishes to earn graduate credits may provide a form for documentation by an official of the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire of the student’s graduate standing, allowing registration at the other graduate school for the purpose of earning credits to be transferred. If such a procedure is not available, the student may be required by the other institution to file application for admission.

Credits Earned in Programs Established through Inter-Institutional Agreements

Graduate credits taken in a program developed between UW-Eau Claire and one or more other institutions and established by a formal inter-institutional agreement will not be considered transfer credits under these guidelines.

Transfer of Extension Credits

Credits earned in extension courses sponsored by UW-Eau Claire and in off-campus (outreach) courses offered by UW-Eau Claire are not considered transfer credits by UW-Eau Claire.