English, Creative Writing, Minor

Liberal Arts (Code 540-412)

Twenty-six semester credits, including:
ENGL 210Introduction to Critical Studies5
Select six credits from the following:6
American Literature Since 1945
Creative and Narrative Nonfiction
The Short Story
The Novel
Three credits of literature/culture at the 300-level3
ENGL 220Introduction to Creative Writing3
ENGL 310Intermediate Poetry Writing3
or ENGL 311 Intermediate Fiction/Nonfiction Writing
Three credits from:3
Creative Writing Workshop - Poetry
Creative Writing Workshop - Fiction
Seminar in Nonfiction Writing
Prose Writing Workshop-Topics
Three additional English credits3

Information for English Majors and Minors

British Literature/Culture before 1790

ENGL 252Perspectives on Pre-1790 British Literature3
ENGL 257Representative Shakespeare3
ENGL 351Chaucer and His Age3
ENGL 352Topics in British Literature Before 17903
ENGL 357Shakespearean Topics3
ENGL 452Seminar in Early British Literature3

British Literature/Culture after 1790

ENGL 259Perspectives on British Literature After 17903
ENGL 359Topics in British Literature After 17903
ENGL 362Studies in Transatlantic Romanticism3
ENGL 459Seminar in British Literature After 17903

American Literature/Culture before 1865

ENGL 243American Literature to 18653
ENGL 340Topics in American Literature to 18653
ENGL 440Seminar in American Literature Before 18653

American Literature/Culture after 1865

ENGL 244American Literature from 1865-19453
ENGL 245American Literature Since 19453
ENGL 348Topics in American Literature: 1865 - Present3
ENGL 448Seminar in American Literature Since 18653

World/Post-Colonial Literature/Culture

ENGL 130Introduction to World/Postcolonial Literature3
ENGL 230Survey of World/Postcolonial Literature3
ENGL 330Topics in World/Postcolonial Literature3
ENGL/WMNS 332Women in African Literature3
ENGL 430Seminar in World/Postcolonial Literature3

American Ethnic Literature/Culture

ENGL/AIS 142Introduction to American Indian Literatures3
ENGL/AIS 242The American Indian in Literature and Film3
ENGL 268Survey of American Ethnic Literature3
ENGL/AIS 345American Indian Autobiography3
ENGL/AIS 346Major Works in American Indian Literature3
ENGL 368Topics in American Ethnic Literature3
ENGL 468Seminar in American Ethnic Literature3

Women’s Literature/Culture

ENGL/WMNS 296Perspectives on Women's Literature3
ENGL/WMNS 396Studies in Women's Literature3
ENGL 496Seminar in Women's Literature3

Theory, Film, and Popular Culture Studies

ENGL 181Making Sense of the Movies3-4
ENGL 272Perspectives in Popular Texts3
ENGL 281Critical Perspectives on Film3-4
ENGL 372Topics in Popular Culture3
ENGL 381Critical Studies in Film and Culture3-4
ENGL 384Studies in Theory and Criticism3
ENGL 481Seminar in Film, Video, and Moving-Image Culture3-4
ENGL 484Seminar in Critical Theory3

Additional Courses in Literature/Culture

ENGL 150Introduction to Literature3
ENGL/CJ 273Creative and Narrative Nonfiction3
ENGL 274The Short Story3
ENGL 275The Novel3
ENGL 276Poetry3
ENGL 277Drama3
ENGL 392Major Themes in Literature1-3

Creative Writing

ENGL 220Introduction to Creative Writing3
ENGL 310Intermediate Poetry Writing3
ENGL 311Intermediate Fiction/Nonfiction Writing3
ENGL 410Creative Writing Workshop - Poetry3
ENGL 411Creative Writing Workshop - Fiction3
ENGL 412Seminar in Nonfiction Writing3
ENGL 413Prose Writing Workshop-Topics3


ENGL 121Busting Language Myths3
ENGL 221Introductory English Linguistics3
ENGL 321Topics in the Structure of English3
ENGL 325Topics in Language in Society3
ENGL 421Seminar in Linguistic Research3

Rhetorics of Science, Technology, and Culture

ENGL 212Histories and Theories of Rhetoric3
ENGL 307Editing and Publications Management3
ENGL 312Topics in Rhetoric and Science3
ENGL 313Topics in Rhetoric and Technology3
ENGL 314Topics in Rhetoric and Culture3
ENGL 315Visual Rhetorics of Science, Technology, and Culture3
ENGL 409Grant Proposal Writing3
ENGL 415Seminar in Science and Nature Writing3
ENGL 455Seminar in Rhetorics of Science, Technology, and Culture3