International Education

No graduate degree programs offered.

All 500- and 600-level graduate courses include requirements or assignments which differentiate them from their companionate 300- and 400-level undergraduate offerings. Students who have taken a course at the 300- or 400-level may not include that course at the 500- or 600- level in a graduate program, except in the case of special topics courses when the topic is not the same as that taken at the undergraduate level.

INTS 595 Directed Studies (1-3 crs)

Consent: Department Consent Required

• Dual-listed with INTS 395. The student must have successfully completed at least one course that directly relates to the subject chosen for the directed study.

A scholarly investigation of a subject appropriate to the country in which the student is studying. Directed by a member of the UW-Eau Claire resident faculty and assisted by a local resource person.

Repeat: Course may be repeated

Grading Basis: No S/U Grade Option

INTS 698 International Education Internship (1-6 crs)

Consent: Department Consent Required

• Dual-listed with INTS 498. Student must apply for internship, interview, and be offered a position.

Pre-professional internships intended to provide students with concrete, applicable experience in the field of International Education. A complete description of all internships is available in the Center for International Education.

Attributes: Internship

Repeat: Course may be repeated for a maximum of 12 credits

Grading Basis: A-F Grades Only