Social Work, Child Welfare, Certificate

(Code 460-605)

The Social Work Program offers two certificates, the Social Work—Child Welfare Certificate and the Social Work—Gerontology Certificate.

Child Welfare Certificate

The child welfare certificate is developed around preparing students to become an effective advocate for children as victims and survivors of child abuse. The coursework within this program will increase students' understanding of factors that lead to child maltreatment, as well as how to work effectively in various agencies and systems to respond to such incidents. Students may want to add a child welfare certificate if they are interested in areas such as child protective services, foster care, or adoption.


This certificate requires 12 credits of course work and is open only to majors within the College of Education and Human Sciences.  The student must complete, at a grade level of C or above, the required Social Work course within the selected certificate program and three other electives from the list of electives for the certificate program (see the following).

Required Courses
SW 385Child Welfare3
Electives (Choose nine credits)9
Directed Studies
Youth Crime and Juvenile Justice
History of the Family in America
Child Psychology
Psychology of Adolescence
Psychology of the Exceptional Child
Sociology of Family
Introduction to Diverse Learners
Child Abuse and Neglect: Educational Implications
Other courses as approved by the student’s advisor and department chair.