Journalism, Certificate

(Code 560-601)

The Certificate in Journalism is designed for students who wish to develop an understanding of the role journalism plays in a democracy and the underlying principles and practices of journalism. A combination of courses in journalism help students acquire the knowledge and introductory skills that will allow them to use the tools of journalism to develop and design reported information across media platforms. The journalism certificate aligns with the university mission as journalism fosters creativity, critical thinking, empathy for others, and intellectual courage to monitor power and question authority on behalf of the public.

Minimum of 12 credits required:
Required courses (9 credits):
CJ 184Multimedia Communication3
CJ 222Beginning Journalism3
CJ 413Media Law and Ethics3
Elective courses (3 credits). These courses allow students to select the journalism skills that most apply to their particular interests or career aspirations.3
Audio and Video Production Process
Introduction to Photography
Intermediate Journalism
Immersion Journalism
Total Credits12

Note 1: Courses used for the certificate may not be applied to the major.  

Note 2: Students majoring in any program in Communication and Journalism may not use this certificate to satisfy the graduation requirement of a second program. 

Program Learning Outcomes 

Students completing this program will be expected to meet the following learning outcomes:

  • Explain journalistic communication processes in diverse social, legal and ethical contexts.
  • Demonstrate critical and analytical thinking skills.
  • Demonstrate reporting and information gathering skills.
  • Demonstrate strong oral, written, and visual communication skills.