Schedule of Classes

Graduate courses are offered at a variety of times, both on-campus and online. The schedule of classes is usually available online in March for the fall semester, October for the winterim session and spring semester, and in November for the summer session.

Registration in Courses

Students admitted to a particular graduate program are eligible to register early in the priority registration period. Students who are otherwise qualified but have not been admitted may also register early as graduate special students during priority registration.

Dates of registration and detailed instructions for registering are available on the Registrar's website in advance of the beginning of each registration period.

Repetition of Courses

Graduate students may repeat no more than two courses previously taken for graduate credit, with the exception of “repeatable” courses. Any repetition including repetition of courses from which students withdrew with a mark of W must have approval of the student’s adviser, and the Program Director and College Dean of the program in which the student is enrolled. A given course may be repeated no more than once, with the exception of “repeatable” courses. The grade earned in the repetition of the course replaces the grade earned initially.

In order to repeat a course, approval must be obtained from the College Dean’s office before the time of registration. Students who have taken a course at the 300 or 400 level may not include that course at the 500 or 600 level in a graduate program, except in the case of special topic courses when the topic is not the same as that taken at the undergraduate level, or at the discretion of the program adviser.

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Registration

In graduate course work, Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory (S/U) registration is allowed only for courses that explicitly require S/U registration in the UW-Eau Claire graduate catalog. S/U registration is not permitted for any non-clinical, non-practicum, or non-project based graduate courses.

S/U Grades

The grade of S is equivalent to at least a B or above in the standard grading system; it denotes that the student’s work was satisfactory and that credit is granted for the course. The grade of S is not computed into the student’s semester and resident GPAs.

The grade of U is equivalent to a B- or below in the standard grading system. No credit is granted. The grade of U is not computed into the student’s semester and resident GPAs.

Withdrawal from the University

Students intending to terminate their study during a semester when they are registered for courses must officially withdraw from the University. Withdrawal from all courses in which a student is registered, even if only one course, constitutes withdrawal from the University.

Withdrawal from Courses

Forms for withdrawal from a course are available through Blugold Central (VLL 1108). Withdrawals from full-semester courses during the first two weeks of classes of spring or fall semesters will not be entered on the record. Withdrawals from classes through the tenth week of classes will yield a record of W. The student may not withdraw from classes after the beginning of the eleventh week of classes. If there are unusual circumstances beyond the student’s control which force withdrawal, the student may request permission for late withdrawal from the Associate Dean for their College.

Note: During the 2022-2023 academic year the withdrawal deadline will extend through the thirteenth week of classes. This temporary pilot will then be evaluated and a permanent recommendation will become effective for the 2023-2024 academic year.

A student who stops attending a course and fails to withdraw officially will receive a grade of XF from the instructor, which indicates an unofficial withdrawal and appears as an F on the academic record.

Similar deadlines apply to eight-week courses in the summer session: no record for withdrawals the first week of classes; W for withdrawals during the second to fifth week; and no withdrawals after the fifth week. These deadlines are prorated for short courses and workshops.

The dates of these deadlines are displayed on students’ CampS Student Center.

Enrollment of Undergraduates

Upon the recommendation of the student’s adviser, course instructor, and chair of the department offering the course, a University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire undergraduate student may be allowed to enroll in a limited number of graduate courses, provided he or she has a 3.00 undergraduate GPA and has the approval of the College Dean. Qualified students may take up to, but not exceed, a total of nine credits of graduate-level course work, unless enrolled in an approved accelerated graduate plan with a dual bachelor's and master's degree component. The graduate credits cannot be used to satisfy requirements for the bachelor’s degree, unless enrolled in an approved accelerated graduate plan with a dual bachelor's and master's degree component. Application forms for enrollment in graduate courses as an undergraduate may be obtained from Blugold Central.