Business Analytics, Certificate

(Code 832-602)

Designed for students eager to explore the practical applications of data-driven decision-making, Business Analytics Certificate offers a focused journey into essential skills such as data transformation, analysis, interpretation, and communication, with a special emphasis on leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence. Throughout the program, students will learn to harness appropriate state-of-the-art analytics techniques, including machine learning algorithms and AI-driven insights, to tackle real-world business challenges. Join us as we delve into the dynamic field of business analytics and equip ourselves with cutting-edge tools to navigate today's rapidly evolving business landscape.

Please note that the Business Analytics Certificate is available to all students at UW-Eau Claire except IS majors/minors.

For more information on the IS Certificate program, contact your advisor or the Department of Business Communication and Information Systems.

Certificate Requirements

(Code 832-602)

Fourteen semester credits, as follows:

Business Analytics Certificate 1, 2
Required Courses
IS 307Introduction to Business Analytics3
IS 308Business Analytics Programming3
IS 344Database Management Systems3
IS 480Advanced Business Analytics3
BCOM 401Data Visualization for Business Communication2

Information Systems majors may not earn this certificate.


Students must take Math 246: Elementary Statistics or equivalent.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing this program will be expected to meet the following learning outcomes:

  • Identify data needed to solve business problems.
  • Examine data to solve business problems and interpret the results.
  • Identify business opportunities that warrant data-driven solutions.
  • Apply data-driven methodologies to support decision-making in business scenarios.
  • Create data visualizations to effectively communicate insights to targeted audiences.