Political Science, Minor - Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts (Code 420-401)

Twenty-four semester credits including:
POLS 110American National Politics3
POLS 122Introduction to World Politics3
At least one course at the 300-400 level in each of the four course groupings defined below
At least 18 credits must be taken at the 200 level or above18

Information for Political Science Majors and Minors

Political Science courses at the 200 level and above are classified into the following four course groupings:

American Politics
POLS 301State and Local Politics3
POLS 305Survey of U.S. Constitutional Principles3
POLS 338Judicial Politics3
POLS 340Congress and the Presidency3
POLS 341Political Parties, Elections, and Voting3
POLS 342Public Opinion and Political Behavior3
POLS 343Public Administration3
POLS 344Media and Politics3
POLS 345Film and Politics3
POLS 346Public Policy in the United States3
POLS 350Group and Minority Politics3
POLS 353Afro-American Politics3
POLS 403U.S. Constitutional Principles - Powers of Government3
POLS 404U.S. Constitutional Principles - Civil Liberties3
POLS 405U.S. Constitutional Principles - Due Process and Criminal Law3
POLS 406U.S. Constitutional Principles - Equality and Privacy3
POLS/AIS 250American Indian Politics3
POLS/WGSS 351Women and Politics3
International Relations
POLS 325Model United Nations3
POLS 330U.S. Foreign Policy3
POLS 331International Organization and Law3
POLS 332International Conflict3
POLS 334International Political Economy3
POLS 335International Relations Theory3
POLS 336Arab-Israeli Conflict3
Comparative Government
POLS 260Introduction to Comparative Politics3
POLS 321Politics of the Middle East3
POLS 322Politics of Russia3
POLS 323Politics of Eastern Europe3
POLS 324Politics of Asia3
POLS 327Politics of Continental Europe3
POLS 329Political Violence3
POLS/WGSS 352Gender and Politics in Global Perspective3
POLS 390Culture and Politics3
POLS/LAS 319Politics of Latin America3
Political Theory
POLS 309Classical Political Thought3
POLS 310Modern Political Thought3
POLS 311Contemporary Political Thought3
POLS 312American Political Thought3
POLS 314The Idea of Tolerance in the Western Political Tradition3

NOTE: All majors should take POLS 290 before taking any 300 level courses.