International Affairs, Certificate

(Code 420-602)

The Certificate in International Affairs is designed for those students interested in global awareness, cultural and political diversity, and economic globalization. A certificate in International Affairs will indicate that a student has undergraduate level awareness of global concepts, basic issues, terminology, structures, and perspectives. The certificate in International Affairs provides knowledge and skills that will help prepare students for employment in a global political economy, as well as familiarize them with specializations, concepts, jargon, and methods for graduate concentrations in various aspects of world politics.

Currently enrolled degree-seeking students are eligible to complete a certificate in International Affairs. This certificate is not intended for political science comprehensive majors with a world politics emphasis.

Students are required to earn a total of 18 credits toward the certificate.
Required Courses (12 crs)
POLS 122Introduction to World Politics3
POLS 331International Organization and Law3
POLS 334International Political Economy3
POLS 335International Relations Theory3
The remaining six credits are to be selected from:6
Politics of Latin America
Politics of the Middle East
Politics of Russia
Politics of Eastern Europe
Politics of Asia
Politics of Continental Europe
U.S. Foreign Policy
International Conflict
Arab-Israeli Conflict
Culture and Politics
Total Credits18

NOTE: Students cannot pursue the Political Science Major and International Affairs Certificate to meet graduation requirements for completing a first and second degree program.

Students are strongly encouraged to take only one course from a geographic or cultural region.  All of these courses are regularly offered in the department.

Students seeking a certificate in International Affairs will be assigned an advisor within the Department of Political Science.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing this program will be expected to meet the following learning outcomes:

  • Communication Skills: Political Science students will be able to write and speak effectively.
  • Research Skills: Political Science students will be able to construct research questions and use appropriate sources and methods to answer them.  
  • Knowledge of International Relations: Political Science students will analyze the behavior of international actors and the nature of their interactions.
  • Knowledge of Comparative Politics: Political Science students will analyze the political systems of states.