Earth Resources, Certificate

(Code 160-603) 

Advisor: P. Ihinger (Geology and Environmental Science).

The Department of Geology and Environmental Science administers an Earth Resources certificate.  This certificate provides non-Geology majors with core science, policy, and communication skills to better understand complex environmental issues involving mineral and water extraction and usage.  The certificate would be ideal for Business, Communication, Economics, Geography, Journalism, Political Science, and Integrated Strategic Communication: Public Relations majors, who might need to communicate with scientists, engineers, politicians, and advocacy groups about environmental issues.

Sixteen credits required16
Required Core (10 crs):
BIOL 338Vegetation Ecology4
GEOL 301Earth Resources and Sustainability3
GEOL 308Water Resources3
Communication Skills (choose one of the following):3
Fundamentals of Human Communication
Beginning Journalism
Introduction to Organizational Communication
Introduction to Integrated Strategic Communication
Policy and Ethics (choose one of the following):3
Environmental Economics
U.S. Environmental and Sustainability Policy
Environmental Ethics

Note:  Students cannot pursue the Geology major and the Earth Resources certificate to meet graduate requirements for completing a first and second degree program.

Program Learning Outcomes 

Students completing this program will be expected to meet the following learning outcomes:

  • Explain Earth processes.
  • Use mathematics and computational methods to analyze scientific and geological data.
  • Read, write, and critically evaluate geological papers.
  • Construct an internally consistent geological map utilizing field data, topographic maps, geological maps, air photos, geographic information systems (GIS) data, and geological cross sections.
  • Use analytical and quantitative methods to evaluate an environmental problem.