Business Administration, UW MBA Consortium Online - Master of Business Administration

(Code 740-801)

Graduate Program Requirements

The MBA program consists of 36 graduate credits, 26 of these credits involve specific course requirements and the remaining 10 credits are MBA electives selected by the student. Students may have MBA 708 and/or MBA 709 waived by demonstrating mastery of course competencies through a program-approved process. Students will complete an additional two to four credits of electives if one or both of these courses are waived.

MBA 708Essentials of Financial Analysis2
MBA 709Essentials of Economic and Statistical Analysis2
MBA 700Defining your Plan for Success: The MBA Mindset1
MBA 701Leading a Dynamic and Diverse Workforce4
MBA 702Making Informed Managerial Decisions4
MBA 703Developing New Products and Services4
MBA 704Competing Strategically in a Global Environment4
MBA 705Navigating Change amid Uncertainty4
MBA 710Refining your Plan for Success: Program Capstone1

Select 10 credits of MBA electives.