English, Rhetorics of Science, Technology, and Culture, Certificate

(Code 540-602)

Rhetorical understanding and the ability to produce rhetorically effective texts are excellent complements to any academic discipline, because every specialty depends on the discovery and dissemination of ideas, as well as the structuring of arguments in the process of building knowledge in a field. The Rhetorics of Science, Technology, and Culture (RSTC) certificate offers a focused study in the kinds of choices we make when we analyze and communicate scientific, technical, and diverse cultural phenomena, whether through traditional written text, visuals, video, internet venues, or some multimodal combination of those.  Students will have opportunities not only to research in a wide variety of fields, including understanding different modes of communication and cultural practices, but to create and edit documents that best address the needs of their intended audiences, ranging from specialists to the general public. An RSTC certificate could enhance the career options of any student majoring or minoring in a science, technology, or social science field, and in its attention to various kinds of practical know-how—e.g., science writing, technical writing, grant writing, nature writing, editing—could also increase the career options for students in the humanities and the arts.

Fifteen semester credits, selected from:15
Histories and Theories of Rhetoric
Introduction to Rhetoric and Society
Editing and Publications Management
Science Writing
Technical Writing
Cultural Rhetorics
Visual Rhetorics of Science, Technology, and Culture
Grant Proposal Writing
Seminar in Rhetorics of Science, Technology, and Culture 1
Internship in Writing

Note: Students will need to earn at least 48 unique credits between any approved English program combinations and for other program combinations where course work overlaps for purposes of meeting graduation requirements for first and second degree programs.