Social Advocacy and Change, Certificate

(Code 583-603)

The Certificate in Social Advocacy and Change is designed for students who wish to engage as active citizens by using communication skills and knowledge to promote change in a variety of social and political contexts (e.g., human rights and environmental concerns). Active citizenship exists where individuals use communication practices and theories to advocate for change on their own behalf or on the behalf of others, and where groups seek to find common cause or concern. A combination of courses in communication studies and organizational communication help students learn the knowledge and skills that will allow them to create responsible change in their communities.

Twelve semester credits, including:
Required Courses
CJ 202Fundamentals of Speech3
CJ 207Introduction to Rhetoric and Society3
CJ 318Topics in Communication and Social Advocacy3
CJ 355Advanced Organizational Communication: Strategic Message Design3
or CJ 406 Persuasion

Note 1: Courses used for the certificate may not count for the student's major program.

Note 2: Students majoring in any program in Communication and Journalism may not use this certificate to satisfy the graduation requirement of a second program.

Program Learning Outcomes 

Students completing this program will be expected to meet the following learning outcomes:

  • Students will demonstrate competency in oral and written communication skills appropriate to social advocacy and change.
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge of theories and concepts of communication appropriate to social advocacy and change.
  • Students will demonstrate critical and creative thinking in the formation and the evaluation of communication practices used to address civic, social, or environmental challenges.