Dance Activities, Certificate

(Code 605-601)

The Dance Activities Certificate Program is open to any student with a passion for dance and looking to gain knowledge of common forms of dance, including ballet, tap, jazz, and modern. This program focuses on studio dance experiences that will prepare graduates for a variety of careers in dance and performing arts.

Thirteen credits minimum, including:
DNCE 101Dance Appreciation3
Physical Practice courses (8 credits) selected from:8
Ballet I
Modern Dance I
Jazz Dance I
Tap Dance I
Ballet II
Modern Dance II
Jazz Dance II
Tap Dance II
One course elective (minimum two credits):2
Anatomical Kinesiology
Introduction to Technical Theatre
Acting I
Stage Movement
Music Appreciation
Global Traditions in Music
Music in the United States
Any DNCE prefix course

Note:  Courses cannot be counted in both the major and the certificate program.