Social Diversity, Certificate

(Code 480-601)

The Social Diversity Certificate is a foundation for understanding inequality based on race, class, gender, and sexualities.  These inequalities are caused by social institutions that create and sustain systems of oppression and privilege. Learning about the real, but often invisible causes of inequality helps individuals overcome internalized oppression and internalized privilege. It also helps professionals to better serve the public in fields such as health care, education, social services, and criminal justice. 

A minimum of 12 credits in the following courses:
SOC 312Race and Ethnicity in the U.S.3
SOC 314Social Class and Inequality3
SOC 419Sociology of Women3
or SOC 202 Sociology of Gender
SOC 426Sociology of Sexualities3

Note: Courses may not be counted in both the certificate and the student's major program. Students cannot pursue the Sociology Major and Social Diversity Certificate to meet graduation requirements for completing a first and second degree program.  

For advising, see the Sociology Department.