Science of Coaching, Minor - Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts (Code 971-452)

Twenty-four semester credits, including:
KINS 275Prevention and Care of Athletic/Exercise Injuries3
KINS 292Management and Coaching Theory2
KINS 294Anatomical Kinesiology3
KINS 304Biomechanical Kinesiology3
KINS 308Exercise Physiology3
KINS 357Essentials of Strength and Conditioning3
KINS 492Coaching Practicum and Seminar4
Three credits from the following:3
Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity
Sociology of Sport and Physical Activity
Total Credits24

Program Learning Outcomes 

Students completing this program will be expected to meet the following outcomes:

  • Develop and implement an athlete-centered coaching philosophy.
  • Identify physical conditions that predispose athletes to injuries.
  • Teach and encourage proper nutrition for optimal physical and mental performance and overall good health.
  • Provide athletes with responsibility and leadership opportunities as they mature.
  • Teach and incorporate mental skills to enhance performance and reduce sports anxiety.
  • Use scouting methods for planning practices, game preparation, and game analysis.
  • Be involved in public relation activities for the sport program.
  • Utilize an objective and effective process for evaluation of self and staff.