Professional Sales, Certificate

(Code 840-602)

Certificate Requirements

The Professional Sales certificate program1 will prepare students to go beyond the minimum course requirements and prepare for successful careers in professional sales. This will be done by obtaining academic and field-related knowledge about Professional Sales. This certificate is available to any UW-Eau Claire student. Completion of the certificate is noted on the student’s official transcript (prerequisites apply).

Program Requirements 2
MKTG 337Professional Selling3
MKTG 433Sales Management3
MKTG 338Marketing & Sales Analytics3
MKTG 490Advanced Sales Topics3
100 points in Extra-curricular and External Requirements
College-level Requirements 3
External Certifications 4
External Connections 5

The Professional Sales Certificate will not count as a secondary program when combined with the standard Business Administration major. This certificate can count as a secondary program when combined with other COB majorss. Please see the list of approved major/minor combinations that satisfy university academic concentration requirements.


The 12 credits of coursework must be completed with a “B” or higher grade in each course.


College-level Requirements

  • Participate in a Collegiate level Sales Competition and rank in the top 30%. (20 points; cannot be used more than three times)
  • Actively participate in the BluGold Sales Planning Team. Submit a one-page summary which details your specific contributions to the success of the BluGold Sales events. (20 points; cannot be used more than twice)
  • Serve as a Team lead for events within the BluGold Sales Planning Team. (30 points; can only be used once)
  • Join and actively participate in the BluGold Sales team as either a coach or a competitor (20 points; cannot be used more than twice)

External Certifications
Earn certification in the following Hubspot modules (Each module is worth 10 points; no more than 20 points can be earned in this category). Students must contact the Director of the UWEC Professional Sales program for a list of external certifications and approval.

  • Sales Enablement Certification
  • Hubspot Sales Software
  • Inbound sales
  • Frictionless sales
  • Industry Experience

External Connections

  • Students must provide evidence of internship or work experience in professional sales for either the UWEC Professional Sales Program, corporations, or a non-profit organizations while completing the BBA degree. Typically, students should obtain a minimum of 120 hours of work experience. Students should consult with the Internship Coordinator to verify whether the experience meets the qualifications. At the conclusion of the internship experience, the candidate must submit the following:
    • An outline of your internship responsibilities which details how the experience developed your skill and knowledge of professional selling. The outline describing your internship experiences should include your contribution to projects assigned to you during the internship .
    • Empirical or key performance indicators that quantify your contribution.
    • A letter or feedback summary from your internship supervisor.
  • Students must submit their resume (which highlights their sales experience) and have it approved by either the Director or Assistant director of the UWEC Professional Sales program. 
  • Students must be members of and actively participate in the UWEC student and Alumni group on Linkedin. Their profile must be complete with at least 100 connections.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing this program will be expected to meet the following learning outcomes:

  • Engage in identifying and tracking prospects in the sales pipeline.
  • Employ multiple types of sales strategies.
  • Critically analyze sales and marketing metrics and make decisions based upon those metrics.