Business Administration in Healthcare Management-Graduate Certificate

(Code 740-602)

The Healthcare Management certificate consists of 12 credits, including eight required credits plus four additional credits from the list of elective courses below. Students may have MBA 708 waived by demonstrating mastery of course competencies through a program-approved process. Students will complete an additional two credits if this course is waived.

Required Courses8
Essentials of Financial Analysis
Leading the Healthcare Workforce
Informing Healthcare Decisions with Data Analytics
Addressing Contemporary Issues and Trends in Healthcare
Elective Courses4
Essentials of Economic and Statistical Analysis
Introduction to Financial Fraud
Financial Statement Analysis
Corporate Venturing
Fundamental Methods for Forecasting
Consumer Behavior
Managing Workplace Stress
Selling Ideas at Work
Employee Training and Development
Project Management
Organizational Leadership and Change
Business and Ethics
Work-Family Issues in Contemporary Times
Contract Law for Managers
Communicating for Success: Writing for Results
Sustainability & Organizational Management
Managing Technology in Turbulent Times
Fundamentals of Health Information Technology Management
Health Care Finance & Economics
Supply Chain Management
Quantitative Business Analysis
Health Care Organization and Delivery