English, Creative Writing, Certificate

(Code 540-603)

Fifteen credits including:
ENGL 220Introduction to Creative Writing3
Three credits from:3
American Literature Since 1945
Creative and Narrative Nonfiction
The Short Story
The Novel
Three credits from 300-level literature courses3
Three credits from:3
Intermediate Poetry Writing
Intermediate Fiction/Nonfiction Writing
Three credits from:3
Creative Writing Workshop - Poetry
Creative Writing Workshop - Fiction
Creative Writing Workshop - Nonfiction
Prose Writing Workshop-Topics
Note: There must be at least 48 unique credits between a student's major and this certificate if course work overlaps for purposes of meeting graduation requirements for first and second degree programs.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing this program will be expected to meet the following learning outcomes:

Outcomes for all English Programs

  • Read and interpret text from a variety of critical perspectives.
  • Write effectively for different purposes and audiences.
  • Plan, conduct, and document research using appropriate sources.
  • Describe the dynamic nature, diversity, and structure of the English language.

Outcomes for Creative Writing Emphasis

  • Create original, effective poetry.
  • Create original, effective fiction or creative non-fiction.