Anthropology, Certificate

(Code 470-601)

The Anthropology Certificate is a 12-credit certificate that is well defined and offers a coherent disciplinary approach to subjects that are often shared with other disciplines and fields of study such as history, culture, social processes, language, and human evolution broadly construed.  In providing specifically anthropological perspectives, the certificate serves to enrich and deepen student learning in other disciplines. It complements interdisciplinary majors like American Indian Studies; Latin American and Latinx Studies; Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; as well as other disciplinary majors in the humanities and the social and natural sciences, including geography, history, and biology.

12 credits, including:
Required Courses:
ANTH/AIS 161Introduction to Cultural Anthropology3
AIS 444Indigenous Theory and Methodologies3
Elective Courses:6
Introduction to Physical Anthropology
Introduction to Archaeology
Museum Curation
Special Topics
Space, Society, Subject
Culture and Transnational Dynamics
Language in Culture and Society
North American Indians
Directed Studies
Independent Study - Juniors
Religion and Culture
Special Topics
Independent Study - Seniors
One area course: A regional geography course in consultation with certificate advisor
Total Credits12

Note: Courses included in the certificate program may not be applied to the major program.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing this program will be expected to meet the following learning outcomes:

  • Understand  key anthropological concepts for explaining the human experience.
  • Analyze socio-cultural dynamics in local, global, and comparative contexts.
  • Appreciate for political and ethical issues of equity, diversity and inclusivity in contemporary and past socieities, as well as in the history and practice of anthropology.