Spanish, Minor - Teaching - EC-A

Early Childhood/Adolescence, Teaching (Code 320-407)

Information for all Spanish Majors and Minors

All Spanish majors and minors in any of the emphases offered must complete an appropriate period of language immersion in residence in a country in which the language is spoken, or participate in an alternative language immersion experience that must be approved by the Spanish section. The minimum time period for meeting the residence/immersion requirement is six weeks; however, the Spanish section recommends that students spend at least one semester abroad.

A minimum of 24 semester credits beyond SPAN 102, or 16 credits beyond SPAN 202, including:
SPAN 301Advanced Composition3
SPAN 302Advanced Conversation and Composition3
SPAN 325Phonetics and Pronunciation3
SPAN 410Advanced Grammar3
One civilization course from the following:
Spanish Civilization to 1900
Contemporary Spain
Latin American Civilization
FLG 378Second Language Acquisition Theory3
Language Immersion Requirement: 1

NOTE 1: ES 437 and ES 366 (four credits) required. This minor is restricted to students in the College of Education and Human Sciences: Department of Education for Equity and Justice: Option C and leads to licensure to teach Spanish in K-12 classrooms when combined with a major in another foreign language at the K-12 level.

NOTE 2:  For departmental recommendation for student teaching and certification, passing the OPI or OPIc and WPT with a score of Intermediate High or above on the ACTFL rating scale is required. Please see your advisor for additional certification requirements.