Songwriting, Certificate

(Code 061-602)

In the Songwriting Certificate emphasis is placed on developing songwriting skills for both lyrics and music, general musicianship skills, and an understanding of the cultural significance of songs. Students explore how lyrics, melody, harmony, and structure make a great song, as well as develop the ability to create original songs. The 18-credit program includes courses in songwriting, creative writing, music theory, music history, and electives.

Eighteen semester credits, including:
ENGL 220Introduction to Creative Writing3
or ENGL 276 Poetry
MUSI 112History of Rock and Pop3
MUSI 139Music Theory Fundamentals3-4
or MUSI 141
MUSI 142
Theory Written I
and Theory Aural I
MUSI 326Songwriting Seminar3
Electives to be selected from the following:
Introduction to Electric Guitar
Class Piano
Advanced Class Piano
Evolution of Jazz
Folk Guitar in Culture across Time
Beginning Guitar
Introduction to Singing
Classical and Folk Guitar
Beginning Composition
Functional Piano
Songwriting Seminar (a total of 6 credits from MUSI 326 can be applied to the certificate)

Note 1:  Students cannot pursue the Music Major and Songwriting Certificate to meet graduation requirements for completing a first and second degree program.  

Note 2:  A maximum of three credits from the certificate can count to the major.   

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing this program will be expected to meet the following learning outcomes:

  • Students demonstrate an understanding of how the different elements of a song contribute to its effectiveness.
  • Students demonstrate the ability to create original songs.