Grading System

A system of letter grades is used except when the course is offered only on the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory basis or when the student has elected that option. (See Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) Registration.) 

Letter Grades

A, A- (A = Excellent)
B+, B, B- (B = Very Good)
C+, C, C- (C = Average)
D+, D, D- (D = Passing)
F (F = Failing)

Other Marks

S Satisfactory; equivalent to at least a C (credits earned, but not computed in the semester or resident GPA)
U Unsatisfactory; equivalent to a C- or below (no credits; not computed in the semester or resident GPA)
IN Incomplete (no grade points; not computed in the semester or resident GPA)
W Official withdrawal
V Audit
WV Withdrawal from Audit
UV Unsatisfactory Audit1
PR Progress
XF Unofficial withdrawal (computed as an F)
CP Advanced Placement, Credit by Examination
NR No report received (temporary mark for information only)
NA Not Applicable (notation for study abroad or National Student Exchange

 See Auditing Courses.

Grade Points per Credit

A 4.00
A- 3.67
B+ 3.33
B 3.00
B- 2.67
C+ 2.33
C 2.00
C- 1.67
D+ 1.33
D 1.00
D- 0.67
F 0.00

These grade point values, when multiplied by the number of course credits, give the total number of grade points earned for that particular course. In a three-credit course, for example, a grade of C yields six grade points; a grade of B yields nine; and a grade of A yields 12. The GPA is always truncated to include the two digits after the decimal point. The GPA is not rounded up based on any number from the third digit after the decimal point (if shown).

Resident Grade Point Average. The resident GPA of a student is found by dividing the total number of grade points earned at UW-Eau Claire by the total number of credits attempted. The semester GPA is computed in the same way, using only the grade points earned and the credits attempted during that semester. In computing GPAs, the following are not counted as credits attempted: courses for which S, U, W, or V is received; courses which carry no credit toward graduation (except MATH 10 and MATH 20); repetitions of courses which are eligible for a grade replacement (see Repeating Courses). See also Grade Point Requirements under University Graduation Requirements.

Upon Degree Completion. Upon the completion of a degree the GPA is final and is associated with that degree. Any credits earned after the award of a degree is calculated as its own GPA and is not included with the previous degree’s GPA. 


An incomplete (IN) is a temporary mark which may be granted when, for reasons acceptable to the instructor, a student has been unable to complete a portion of a course in the normal time period. Both the final grade, and the fact that an incomplete had been assigned and removed will appear on the record.

Procedures. It is the student’s responsibility to initiate a request for an incomplete with the instructor. If the request is approved, the instructor will indicate the conditions for the removal of the incomplete, including the date for submitting all work due, so that it may be evaluated before the reporting deadline. The instructor will submit the incomplete to the Registrar’s Unit, as well as a grade to be recorded as the permanent grade for the course in case the incomplete is not removed.

Removal of Incompletes. An incomplete is removed when the student submits all work due and the instructor reports a new grade for the course. The deadline for the instructor to report the removal of an incomplete is the end of the tenth week of classes of the first regular semester following the granting of the incomplete, regardless of whether the student is enrolled in the University at that time.

If the incomplete has not been removed by the reporting deadline, the default grade submitted with the incomplete will be recorded as permanent unless the instructor authorizes the continuation of the incomplete. If a continued incomplete has not been removed by the reporting deadline (end of the tenth week of classes) in the next semester, it will be replaced by the default grade.

NOTE: The mark of IN (incomplete) is not a course grade. An excessive number of incompletes may affect both the academic standing of students (see Good Academic Standing) and their eligibility for certain types of financial aid.

Progress and Grade Reports

Faculty policy provides that students shall be informed of their progress in the courses for which they are registered. In freshman-level courses, tests, or other means of evaluation should be expected early in the semester (usually at the conclusion of the first four weeks).

Mid-semester Progress Reports. Freshman students will be able to view mid-semester grade reports from each of their instructors, whatever the level of the course. Other students may individually request and receive from each instructor an indication of the general quality of their course work at mid-semester.

Semester Grade Reports. At the conclusion of each term, final grades and academic standing can be viewed on CampS.

Academic Distinction

At the conclusion of each term, after grades have been recorded, the Provost/Vice Chancellor awards Academic Distinction, which is reflected on the unofficial transcript.

Full-time students who meet the following criteria are eligible:

  1. complete the semester in good academic standing,
  2. complete 12 or more credits during the semester, and
  3. earn both a semester and resident GPA of 3.20 or higher.

Part-time students who meet the following criteria are also eligible:

  1. initially register as part-time students (six to 11 enrolled credits),
  2. complete the semester in good academic standing,
  3. complete six to 11 credits during the semester, and
  4. earn both a semester and resident GPA of 3.20 or higher.

Each college also maintains its own Dean’s List. See the applicable college area for an explanation of Dean’s List criteria.

Final Examinations

Examination week is part of the regular academic semester, and all classes are required to meet as shown in the final examination schedule. Examination schedules are available on the Blugold Central's website and in CampS. For short courses, including Winterim and Summer, examinations are usually given at the last scheduled meeting of the class. Each course offered for credit is concluded with a final examination, unless the instructor determines that some other method of evaluation is more appropriate to the objectives of the course.

No student will be permitted to reschedule a final examination, unless there are extraordinary circumstances over which the student has no control (e.g. hospitalization or military obligation). Verification of the circumstances must be furnished by the student. A student with three or more examinations scheduled for one day may request the change of an individual examination time. Changes are not allowed for reasons such as an already purchased plane ticket, leaving campus early, a family vacation, or conflict with employment; unless such work commitment existed prior to the publication of the examination schedule.

A request for a change in the time of an individual final examination must be approved by the instructor, the department chair, and the assistant/associate dean of the college in which the course is offered. Make-up examinations must be scheduled during finals week or later and must be arranged by the student with the instructor.


An official transcript of a student’s record will be issued by the Registrar’s office per the student’s online request. No transcripts are released (except when requested by advisers or administrative officers within the University) without the permission of the student. An official transcript cannot be issued until all admission and financial obligations to the University have been met in full.

Unofficial transcripts are available to students for advising purposes and for applying for admission to professional programs. Students may also receive a degree audit report, which is a report of a student’s progress toward fulfilling degree requirements. All documents are available via CampS.