Chinese, Certificate

(Code 291-601)

The Chinese Certificate aims to deepen students’ Chinese language proficiency and cultural knowledge of China and Chinese-speaking regions in the world. Upon completion, students are expected to reach novice-high or intermediate-low proficiency in Chinese.  This certificate will be a beneficial credential to reflect students’ investment in and knowledge of Chinese.

Minimum of fifteen semester credits, including:
CHIN 101Beginning Chinese4
CHIN 102Beginning Chinese4
CHIN 201Intermediate Chinese4
At least 3 credits selected from: 1
Intermediate Chinese
Foreign Civilization and Culture (when focused on China)
Foreign Film as Cultural Expression (when focused on China)
Chinese Culture through Films
Language and Intercultural Competence
Modern East and Southeast Asia
History of China
International Experience in China

Other courses with a focus on China may count toward the certificate electives in consultation with the advisor, Dr. Kaishan Kong. 

Program Learning Outcomes

 Students completing this program will be expected to meet the following learning outcomes:

  • Engage in interpersonal communication on familiar or everyday topics.
  • Present information to an audience of listeners on topics of a personal nature.
  • Describe Chinese cultural practices and compare them with their own culture.