Geology, Minor - Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts (Code 160-401) 

Minimum 24 semester credits in geology, including:
Select one of the following:4
Earth Science
Physical Geology
Environmental Geology
Societal Issues in Earth Science
GEOL 312Mineralogy and Petrology I5
Select a minimum of six semester credits from the following:6
Special Topics
Earth Resources and Sustainability
Rocky Mountain Field Studies
Global Environmental Change
Water Resources
Mineralogy and Petrology II
Hydrogeology I
Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
Structural Geology
Introduction to Geochemistry
Analytical Geochemistry Laboratory
Geological Field Excursion
Geomorphology and Aerial Photography Interpretation
Economic Mineral Deposits
Geologic Immersion Experience
Directed Studies
Hydrogeology II
Earth History
Glacial Geology
Engineering Geology and Geophysics
Computers in Geology
Field Geology I
Field Geology II
Advanced Special Topics

NOTE 1: No degree credit may be earned under the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option in any required courses in a geology major or minor.

NOTE 2: Recommended electives: GEOL 470 and GEOL 471.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing this program will be expected to meet the following learning outcomes:

  • Explain Earth processes.
  • Use mathematics and computational methods to analyze scientific and geological data.
  • Read, write, and critically evaluate geological papers.
  • Construct an internally consistent geological map utilizing field data, topographic maps, geological maps, air photos, geographic information systems (GIS) data, and geological cross sections.
  • Evaluate a geological field site and produce a professional report.