Ancient Studies, Certificate

(Code 310-601)

Advisor: M. Waters (Languages).

This certificate is designed for undergraduate students with an interest in Ancient Studies. It is particularly geared toward students for whom a deeper understanding of the societies and cultures of the ancient world – foundational within a humanistic education – will complement and enhance their major area of study and/or future careers.

A minimum of 12 credits is required, with at least six credits at the 300-level or above.
From the following list, two courses at any level with the same prefix must be selected (to serve as a core from one discipline, with which to develop perspective on others).
The remaining six credits from any on the following list. Four credits of language study (Classical Greek or Latin) may be applied to the certificate.
Introduction to Archaeology
Survey: Ancient to Medieval Art
Ancient Greek, Etruscan, and Roman Art
Ancient Art and Architecture of Mexico and Central America
Classical Mythology
Readings in Ancient Literature
Beginning Classical Greek
Beginning Classical Greek
Ancient Near Eastern Civilizations
Greek Civilization
Roman Civilization
Ancient Historiography
Beginning Latin
Beginning Latin
Ancient Philosophy
Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
New Testament
Early Christianity
Classical Political Thought
With advisor approval, the following may be applied to completion of the certificate: (1) up to three credits of relevant independent study or directed studies; (2) additional relevant courses.

Note:  Courses used for the certificate cannot count for the student's major program.