American Indian Studies, Certificate

(Code 530-601)

The American Indian Studies certificate is a stand-alone credential which can enhance all students' majors and minors. It is designed for students with an interest in American Indian Studies but are unable to complete a major or minor in American Indian Studies. The certificate is of particular value to health care professionals; educators; social workers; and business managers and administrators in tribal enterprises. In addition to personal growth in cultural competency, this certificate will provide students from all backgrounds with the fundamental knowledge and skills for various career paths that connect with Indigenous or diverse populations.

Eighteen semester credits, six credits must be 300-level or higher, including:
AIS 101Introduction to American Indian History and Cultures3
AIS 102Introduction to American Indian Expressive Cultures3
AIS 243Introduction to Contemporary American Indian Communities3
Remaining credits selected from:
Studies in American Indian Languages I
Studies in American Indian Languages II
Introduction to American Indian Literatures
Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
American Indian History
The American Indian in Literature and Film
American Indian Politics
Chippewa Reserved Treaty Rights
Special Topics
Native Geographies
Indigenous Religions of the Americas
Ancient Art and Architecture of Mexico and Central America
Art of Tawantinsuyo
Contemporary American Indian Communities
American Indian Autobiography
Major Works in American Indian Literature
Studies in American Indian History
Wisconsin Indian History
Directed Studies
Indigenous Theory and Methodologies
Independent Study

Note:  A maximum of six credits may be applied to both the student's major and the certificate program.