Marine Science, Minor

Liberal Arts (Code 150-400)

Advisors: D. Lonzarich (Biology) [On-Campus Affiliate Coordinator] or K. Syverson (Geology).

This minor is designed for students who are majoring in biology, chemistry, geography, or geology and who are interested in Marine Science. The majority of course work (minimum of four courses) is to be taken during two summer sessions at the Gulf Coast Research Lab (GCRL) in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. Remaining credits are chosen from UW-Eau Claire courses outside of one’s major. Courses in chemistry, physics, and calculus are strongly recommended.

The minor consists of 24 credits as follows:

Required courses at Gulf Coast Research Laboratory

First Summer (ten credits)
Marine Science I: Oceanography5
Marine Science II: Marine Biology5
Second Summer (8 to 12 credits)
Choose from advanced courses offered at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory in consultation with an advisor8-12
Remaining credits to be selected from courses outside of one's major from the following:
Invertebrate Zoology
Biology of Microorganisms
Aquatic Ecology
Biology of Fishes
Quantitative Analysis
Computing for the Sciences and Mathematics
Water and Wastewater
Cartographic Design
Geographic Information Systems I
Remote Sensing of the Environment
Physical Geology
Mineralogy and Petrology I
Earth History
Elementary Statistics