Ojibwe Language, Certificate

(Code 290-601)

The Ojibwe Language Certificate provides students with the opportunity to become part of the global movement to revitalize endangered Indigenous languages.  Upon completion of this certificate students will be able to: converse in Ojibwe at an intermediate level, have the linguistic and cultural competency to function effectively and appropriately in an Ojibwe cultural setting, be able to conduct future Ojibwe language research, and learn oral presentations skills which can be applied to any language. 

To complete the certificate, students must have a minimum of 15 credits, including:
LANG/AIS 121Beginning Ojibwe I 14
LANG/AIS 122Beginning Ojibwe II 24
LANG/AIS 221Intermediate Ojibwe I4
Remaining credits may be selected from the following elective courses:3-4
Ojibwe Culture and History
Intermediate Ojibwe II

Note: For students pursuing the American Indian Studies Major and Ojibwe Language Certificate as their first and second degree programs to meet graduation requirements, at least 48 unique credits between the major and certificate is required.