Athletic Training - Master of Science

(Code 995-801)


To be considered for admission, an applicant must meet the following minimal criteria:

  1. an overall gpa of 3.0 at application with a BS/BA degree from a regionally accredited university completed prior to matriculating into the program; and
  2. the following courses must be completed with a letter grade of C or better earned and documented on official transcripts prior to matriculating into the program:
    1. Two semesters of:  Anatomy and Physiology w/lab
    2. One semester of: General Chemistry w/lab
    3. One semester of: General Psychology
    4. One semester of: General Physics
    5. One semester of: Biomechanics
    6. One semester of: Exercise Physiology
    7. One semester of: Statistics; and
  3. Three (3) letters of recommendation - at least one letter must be from an instructor/professor.  The letter must testify to integrity (i.e. professionalism, communication skills, work ethic) of the student; and
  4. International students must meet the English Language Test score requirements as listed on the Admissions-Graduate Student web page -- See International Graduate Application Process; and
  5. Documentation of a minimum of 50 hours of observation completed under the direct supervision of a BOC certified and appropriately state licensed athletic trainer in a health care setting.  50 hours must be completed within one calendar year of application.

Application does not constitute acceptance into the program nor is acceptance guaranteed simply upon satisfactory completion of requirements. Admission requirements are weighted. Weighted criteria include overall GPA (35%), Anatomy/Physiology Grades (15%), GPA from Prerequisites (20%), evaluation of letter of recommendation (15%), and interview scores (15%). Exceptions to the requirements can be made on recommendation by the M.S. in Athletic Training Application Committee.

Admission Acceptance/Denial into the M.S. in Athletic Training: The M.S. in Athletic Training application process is a competitive process. A committee reviews completed graduate  applications and selects applicants to interview. The committee will set up a time with the student to complete the interview process (video conference or in person). The committee will forward their recommendations regarding acceptance into the M.S. in Athletic Training to the Dean of Graduate Studies. All UW – Eau Claire Graduate Studies Policies will be followed accordingly.

Transfer Policy

Students who opt to transfer into this program must meet all UW - Eau Claire Graduate Studies and program requirements. The Athletic Training admissions committee will review all official transcripts to determine transfer eligibility of previous coursework. 

Required Courses:
Year One Pre-Clinical Phase
KINS 700Principles of Athletic Training3
KINS 701Applied Anatomy2
KINS 710Foundations of Clinical Practice3
Year One Clinical Phase
KINS 714Pathophysiology & Emergency Medicine3
KINS 720Physical Assessment and Treatment of the Lower Extremity5
KINS 721Physical Assessment and Treatment of the Head and Spine4
KINS 722Physical Assessment and Treatment of the Upper Body5
KINS 762Psychosocial Aspects in Healthcare1
KINS 763Pharmacological Agents in Healthcare1
KINS 780Clinical Practicum I2
KINS 781Clinical Practicum II2
KINS 791Evidence Based Practice & Research I3
Year Two Clinical Phase
KINS 650Applied Nutrition in Kinesiology3
KINS 723General Medicine & Diagnostic Modalities4
KINS 724Manual Therapy Techniques3
KINS 730Healthcare Management & Practice3
KINS 731Special Topics in Athletic Training3
KINS 755Performance Enhancement in the Physically Active2
KINS 782Clinical Practicum III2
KINS 783Clinical Practicum IV2
KINS 788Clinical Immersion Experience I4
KINS 789Clinical Immersion Experience II4
KINS 792Evidence Based Practice & Research II2

NOTE: Additional program requirements can be found in the Master of Science in Athletic Training Policy and Procedures Manual.