Integration Outcome 1 (I1): Integration

I1 Non-Courses

Blugold Bundle Learning Community (BBLC) experiences

Study Abroad programs (INTA and INTX prefix) with completion of integrated learning orientation and assignments

Quest experience for Music and Theatre Arts students who choose to pursue a question across three disciplines during their undergraduate studies

I1 Courses

ACCT 495Accounting Internship1-12
AIS 322Native Geographies3
ANTH 169Introduction to Archaeology3
ART 303Art Therapy3
BCOM 490Internship in Business Communication1-3
BIOL 180Environmental Biology and Conservation3
BIOL 443Applied Bioinformatics II4
BME 487BME Capstone II2
BSAD 398Internship Program I1-3
BSAD 498Internship Program II1-3
CHEM 161Chemistry and Culture of Food and Cooking3
CHEM 406Biophysical Chemistry4
CHEM 411Survey of Industrial Chemistry3
CJ 111Gender, Race, Class, and Communication: The Social Construction of Identity3
CJ 272Social Media and Communication3
CJ 429Digital Newsroom3
CJ 459Communication Research Seminar3
CJ 479Integrated Strategic Communication Management3
CND 480Nursing within Systems: Analysis and Application4
CRMJ 498Criminal Justice Internship1-6
CSD 370Clinical Procedures in Communication Disorders3
CSD 470Clinical Practicum in Communication Disorders I2
ECON 311History of Economic Thought3
ECON 356Economic Development of Latin America3
ECON 357Women and Economic Development3
ECON 498Professional Internship3
EHS 400Professional Studies Capstone Seminar3
ENGL 421Seminar in Linguistic Research3
ENGL 430Seminar in World/Postcolonial Literature3
ENGL 440Seminar in American Literature Before 18653
ENGL 448Seminar in American Literature Since 18653
ENGL 452Seminar in Early British Literature3
ENGL 459Seminar in British Literature After 17903
ENGL 468Seminar in American Ethnic Literature3
ENGL 481Seminar in Film, Video, and Moving-Image Culture3-4
ENGL 484Seminar in Critical Theory3
ENGL 496Seminar in Women's Literature3
ENPH 435Practicum in Environmental Public Health3
ENT 398Internship Program1-3
ENV 378International Environmental Problems and Policy3
ES 404Education and Popular Culture3
ES 497Field Experience Seminar2
FIN 495Finance Internship1-3
FLG 165Amish in North America3
GEOG 111Planet Earth: Human Geography3
GEOG 178Planet Earth: Conservation of the Environment3
GEOG 280Introduction to Cartography and Visualization3
GEOG 301Geography of Western Europe3
GEOG 304Introduction to Geomorphology4
GEOG 308Geography of Russia and Eastern Europe3
GEOG 321Geography of Latin America3
GEOG 322Native Geographies3
GEOG 325Geography of the United States and Canada3
GEOG 361Environmental Hazards3
GEOG 369Geography of Food3
GEOG 378International Environmental Problems and Policy3
GEOG 379Geography of Wisconsin3
GEOL 102Oceanography3
GEOL 106Earth Science4
GEOL 110Physical Geology4
GEOL 118Societal Issues in Earth Science4
GEOL 122The Future of Global Energy3
GEOL 304Global Environmental Change3
GEOL 470Field Geology I3
HCAD 402Administrative Residency III6
HCAD 422Organizational Leadership Practices in Health Care3
HIST 292Origins of Current World Conflicts3
HIST 345Civil Rights and American Memory3
HIST 386Introduction to Public History3
HNRS 118Honors Colloquium in Natural Science with Integration3-4
HNRS 128Honors Colloquium in Social Science with Integrated Learning3-4
HNRS 138Honors Colloquium in Humanities with Integration3-4
HNRS 158Honors Colloquium in Communication with Integration3-4
HNRS 178Honors Colloquium Creativity with Integration3-4
HNRS 188Honors Colloquium in Global Perspective with Integration3-4
HNRS 190Honors Colloquium in Civic, Social and Environmental Responsibility with Integration3-4
HNRS 191Honors Colloquium in Integrated Learning3-4
HNRS 318Honors Colloquium in Natural Science with Integration3-4
HNRS 328Honors Colloquium in Social Sciences with Integration3-4
HNRS 338Honors Colloquium in Humanities with Integration3-4
HNRS 348Honors Colloquium in Arts with Integration3-4
HNRS 358Honors Colloquium in Communication with Integration3-4
HNRS 368Honors Colloquium in Mathematics with Integration3-4
HNRS 378Honors Colloquium in Creativity with Integration3-4
HNRS 385Honors Colloquium in Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity with Integration3-4
HNRS 388Honors Colloquium in Global Perspective with Integration3-4
HNRS 392Honors Colloquium in Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity with Integration3-4
IDIS 101Academic Exploration3
IDIS 131Distance Running for Health and Fitness2
IDIS 200Health Humanities3
IDIS 213Critical Approaches to Information & Research2
IDIS 220Introduction to Narrative Medicine3
IDIS 300Integrated Performing Arts Across the Curriculum3
IDIS 333Faculty-Led International Immersion Experience1-3
IDIS 340Central European Travel Seminar3
INTB 363International Experience in Thailand3
INTB 398International Business Internship Program1-3
IS 420Internship in Information Systems1-3
KINS 473Research Methods in Kinesiology II2
KINS 474Research Methods in Kinesiology4
KINS 498Exercise Science Internship6
LANG 130U.S. Culture for Non-Native Speakers3
LAS 150Introduction to Latin American and Latinx Studies3
LAS 321Geography of Latin America3
LAS 356Economic Development of Latin America3
LS 201Introductory Liberal Studies Seminar3
LS 301Liberal Studies Research Seminar3
MATH 307Mathematics and Music3
MATH 339Relativity and Differential Geometry4
MATH 462History of Mathematics3
MGMT 398Internship Program I1-3
MGMT 449Strategic Management in a Global Business Environment3
MGMT 498Internship Program II1-3
MKTG 398Internship Program I1-3
MKTG 498Internship Program II1-3
MSCI 485Materials Science Capstone II2
MSE 487MS&E Capstone II2
MUED 310Principles, Practices, and Practicum in General Music PreK-52
MUSI 133The Healing Art of Music3
MUSI 233Dance and Relaxation Neuromedical Applications3
MUSI 333Influence of Music on Behavior3
MUSI 498Music Internship1-3
NRSG 225Introduction to Public Health3
NRSG 385Men's Health Issues3
NRSG 428Practicum: Nursing Leadership I3
OSCM 498Internship Program II1-3
PH 225Introduction to Public Health3
PHIL 150Logic and Critical Thinking3
PHIL 200What is Happiness?3
PHIL 280Philosophy of Race3
PHYS 226Astronomy-Solar System4
PHYS 315The Mysterious Universe3
PHYS 332University Physics III3
POLS 480Political Science Capstone3
PSAS 480Organizational Leadership and Communication Capstone3
PSYC 281Introduction to Behavior Analysis and Therapy3
RELS 315Psychology of Religion3
SEIP 476Professional Practices in Special Education2
SOC 360Sociology of Culture3
SOC 490Sociology Capstone3
SW 100Introduction to Social Welfare3
SW 481Social Work Internship6-12
SW 482Social Work Internship - International12
THEA 314Feminist Theatre3
THEA 323Historical Stage Design3
THEA 498Theatre Arts Internship1-3
UEC 221Leadership & Mentoring in Early Childhood 11
UEM 407Inclusive Education Practicum1
WGSS 111Gender, Race, Class, and Communication: The Social Construction of Identity3
WGSS 314Feminist Theatre3
WGSS 357Women and Economic Development3
WGSS 490Feminist Analysis and Practices: Interdisciplinary Themes3